Moon In Third House For Cancer Ascendant

Moon in 3rd house in Virgo sign for Cancer Ascendant 

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in 3rd house in Virgo sign for Cancer Ascendant we have to know about Moon in 3rd house, Moon in Virgo sign and 1st house lord in 3rd house

2) Native may be brave and courageous. Native may be full with physical and mental strength. But native may be comfort lover and slow working. He cannot do very hard physical work. But he is dutiful person. 

3) Native may has artistic talents. Native may has interest singing, poetry, and others sorts of natural arts. He has very good calculative ability. He has sharp mind. He may be good in imaginations. 

4) Native may be shy in behavior and having sweet smile. He is intelligent but same time emotional and sensitive. He has tendency to keep his surrounding clean and clear. 

5) Native may be attractive in looking and skilled in communication. Same time he has good logical ability. His way of speaking is soft and to the point. 

6) Native’s sibling may be wealthy and rich but may has some sort of health issues. Native has good attachment with his siblings but some time having arguments with him. 

7) Native may be moddy by nature. He may be suffering from mental stress. He has many sort of materialistic desires. Native may be sensual in nature. He may suffering from kapha related dosh. 

8) Native may be success in his life by own self efforts. He may be full with strength. But he has many sorts of hidden enemies in his work place. He has a lots of travels. 

9) If you want to know more about Cancer ascendant than you can read this link.   

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