Sarvatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 4

Sarvatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 4

Vedha is working just like aspects.
There is a very clear rules in Sarbatobhadra Chakra, natural benifical planet gives Shubha or Good Vedha and natural malefic planet Ashubh or harmful Vedha.
Vedha may be in 3 ways
Front Vedha- Planet with normal speed will gives front Vedha on front star( Nakshtra). But you have to be considered giving Vedha on all Panchshalak placed in front direction of star.
Left Vedha – Planet with fast speed( Atichari motion) will gives Vedha on Left direction ( you can say forward direction on all Panchshalak.
Right Vedha- Planet with retrograde motion will give Vedha on right side of all 5 Panchshalak ( you can day behind direction of all Panchshalak).
Note:- Left or right Vedha may be more powerful in comparison of front direction. Or you can say that planet with fast or retrograde motion can gives more impact on native.
Now the question arise how to decide speed of planet and Vedha.
We can divide this in 3 category.
Planet who has fix speed such as Sun, Moon , Rahu and Ketu. They are giving Vedha in all 3 direction ( Left, Front and Right Vedha).
Rest all 5 planet has variable speed. Time to time their speed will be changing. So when their speed is fast then they giving Left Vedha, when normal speed then gives Front Vedha. When they have retro speed then gives Right Vedha.
In this 5 planet 2 planet ( Venus and Mercury)are situated in internal orbit of Earth. So then doesn’t move more than 3 house away from Sun either in forward or backward of Sun.
So there is simple rules( not necessary always true, please cross check with local panchang regarding speed of Planet).
Possiblity may be either Venus or Mercury is 3rd or 11th from Sun. In this case speed of Venus and Mercury is normal.
Possible Venus and Mercury may be 12th from Sun, in this case fast speed is possible.
Possible Venus and Mercury in 1st house then retrograde or fast is possible.
Possible Venus and Mercury in 2nd from Sun then Retrograde motion is possible.

Planet who is placed in outer orbit of Earth such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, they may be placed any where in chart.
When with 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 2nd from Sun then fast motion is possible.
When 3rd house from Sun then normal speed and when 4th house from Sun then slow speed. From 5th to 8th house from Sun Retro motion I’d possible.
But I want to tell that you can look planet speed on Panchang or practice it on J Hora. J Hora will give information about speed of planet. About Retrograde motion you have easily know via any software. For fast speed please look at Panchang or J Hora.

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  1. Sir
    It shall be better if numerical range of speed of planet is given for slow, normal, fast and very fast so that it can be incorporated in a mathematical model

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