Sarbatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 3

Sarbatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 3
Panchshalak is very important part in Sarbatobhadra Chakra. As we know that all world’s is constitutes from 5 elements. In the same ways Panchshalak is co-related with 5 elements.
Every person has unique name( vowels and consonant), birth sign, birth nakhstra, birth day or var and thithi. I will try to explain this relationship with Five elements of nature.

Birth Sign is co related with water elements. It are too much sensitive. It may be reacts quickly over any form of changes. It is generally co-related with success and obstacles.

Birth nakshtra is co related with fire. Fire is indicating the transformation. Nakshtra level change of planet may be indicating some sorts of transformation is going around you. Even for more deeper thinking you can check with pada change of nakshtra which is co-related with navmasa change of planet. Birth Nakshtra is co-related with our mind and changes going around us.

Thithi is related with earth elements. On which we are standing. Our status, Our health, and internal fear. If transit planet is impacting our thithi our status on which we are standing is on the danger mode. Specially if lunar birth thithi has some major change regarding any anisth karak planet is changing then that month you can suffering. If our yearly lunar thithi has some sort of major evil change than you can in stress for whole year. In Sarbatobhadra Chakra thithi is basically indicating fear, happiness and danger around us.

Vowels is co-related with Akash tatav or sky elements. It is represent success, achievement etc. Mostly we see many time our numerologist change our popular name with adding some vowel. Then person may continuously start rising. In the same ways vowel of our horoscope name may has some influence due to different planet of transit which may cause issues to our acchievments. Another impact of Sky elements on our health. Akash is every where in world so it the very most important factor.

Constant or Vyanjan is co related with Air. Air related to flow. The first things in our mind is cash flow. Cash flow is related with this. Another is flow of oxygen so health and death is very related to this. Vowel is the way of exit of our praan then constant is the medium of exit. Both are together making the words. Impact of words is very useful. Mantra sakti is co-related with this. Any way transit planet can give some impacts on this words which is give impact on our life. Specially constant is related with our financial status.

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