Phaldipika Chapter 18 Part 1

Phaldipika Chapter 18 Part 1 

1)Effect of conjunction of Sun –

Sun with Moon – Native will be in machine and engineering works related to stones.

Sun with Mars – Native will be inclined towards wicked acts.

Sun with Mercury – Native is intelligent, and talented in work. He has good honored and happy.

Sun with Jupiter – Native may be cruel and inclined towards work under other person.

Sun with Venus – Native may be earn via artistic talents such as music, dancing etc and via weapons.

Sun with Saturn – Native may be skillful in metals related works and pots related business.

2) Effect of conjunction of Moon  

Moon with Mars – Native may be doing fraudulent business.  He may be involved in earthy port business. He may be involved in show off. This is not good for his mother.

Moon with Mercury – Native will be soft spoken but he speak in very proper ways and logical ways. He may be fortunate and famous.

Moon with Jupiter – Native will be getting victory over his enemies. He may be head of his family. He will be fickle minded. He may be wealthy.

Moon with Venus – Native will be expert in any sorts of acts related to cloths.

Moon with Saturn – Native may be getting son after continuous attempts.

3) Effect of conjunction of Mars –

Mars with Mercury –  Native will be deals with any things related to roots. His behaviors will has political touch and harsh. He may be fighter both from hand and mouths.

Mars with Jupiter – He may be leader of his town. He may be leader of public. He may be getting money via brahman.

Mars with Venus – Native will be doing business of milk. Native will be wrestler. He has affairs with another woman. He may has gambler tendency.

Mars with Saturn-  Native will be sad, criticizer and doesn’t stand on his words.

4) Effect of conjunction of Mercury –

Mercury with Jupiter – Native will be interested in acting, dancing or singing.

Mercury with Venus – Native will be expert in speaking, and having many sort of property.

Mercury with Saturn – Native may be mayabi or expert in frauds. He may be wicked and very clever in speaking.

Effect of conjunction of Jupiter – 

Jupiter with Venus – Native will be wealthy, learned, having best qualities, and good wife.

Jupiter with Saturn- Native will be barber, cook or potter.

5) Effect of conjunction of Venus –

Venus with Saturn – Native has weak eye sight. He will be earn very much with help of woman.  He may be skillful in painting or such type of arts.

If more than two planet is associated then we have to mix the results by using intelligence.

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