Sun In Sixth House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Sun in 6th house


When Sun in 6th house, then Native will be famous king. He will be virtuous, wealthy and getting victory over his enemies.

Jatak Parijat

When Sun in 6th house native will be sensual, brave, getting honour by king, proud full, famous and having good prosperity.


When Sun in 6th house, Native will be very sensual. He has strong abdominal fire. He is very strength full. He had good prosperity. He has Famous for his qualities. He may be either king or a person who is capable to give order of punishment.


when Sun placed in 6th house, native may be suffering from poisoned swords, burning, coughing, spells, diseases, enemies, and miseries. His teeth are smashed by throwing of sticks and stones. He may be wounded by forest animals and those with tusks and horns.

Vridh YavanJatak

If Sun in 6th house, native will be getting victory over his enimies. He may be very charming personality. He may be liberal to show off. He has friendship with best person. He may be welcome guests with relatives.

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