Simple Sutra Of Phaldipika According To Phaldipika

1) If 6th house has many natural malefic planet, 6th house lord is strong and aspected 6th house or placed 6th house, lagnesh is placed in his enemy sign, 6th house lord in Kendra or 6th house lord is aspected by natural malific then Native may be suffering from his enimies.

2)If lagnesh is stronger than 6th house lord, lagnesh is placed in natural beneficial sign or Varga and lagnesh is aspected by natural beneficial planet, 4th house lord having good strength and placed in Kendra or trine then Native has strong phsique and fortune. He may enjoying disease free life.

3)If 6th house lord is placed in dusthan or debilitating or combust or in enemy sign and lagnesh has strong in strength and Sun is placed in auspicious house then his enemies will be destroy.

4)The house lord, house or planet who is associated with 6th house lord and house may become enemies of Native.

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