General Sutra Of Sixth House According To Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra

1)If 6th house lord is natural malific planet and placed in either lagan or 8th house then native may be suffering from cuts or wounds related to body parts which is indicating by 6th house sign.

2) In same ways if 6th house lord from any bhav is placed either that bhav or 8th from that bhav then it may cause cuts or wounds of that bhav karak person.

For example 6th from 4th is 9th house and if 9th house lord is placed in 4th or 11th house then cause wounds or cuts to mother.

3)If the wounds kark is Sun then wounds may be in head, if Moon then face, if Mars then in neck or Mercury then in abdomen or navel, if Jupiter then nose, if Venus then eyes, if Saturn then legs, if Rahu and Ketu then internal body limbs.

4) If lagan lord is goes to sign to Mars or Mercury and aspected by Mercury then it may cause mouth related disease.

5)If lagan lord is conjucted with Mars, Mercury and Saturn and aspected or associated with Saturn and Rahu then it may cause Kushhtha Rog.

6) If Rahu and Moon in lagan ( other than cancer lagan) then shwet kushhta is possible.

If Saturn and Moon in lagan( but not laganesh in lagan) then black kushhta is possible.

If Mars and Moon in lagan ( but not lagnesh in lagan) then red kushhta is possible.

7)If 6th house lord with 8th house lord is associated with Sun in lagan then Native may be frequently suffering from fever.

If with Moon then disease related to water such as cough and cold.

If With Mars then cause disease related to wepon or Gulti or granthi.

If with Mercury then Pitth related issues.

If with Jupiter then their is no disease.

If with Venus then disease which is happening due to women association.

If with Saturn then disease related to Vata such as gastric etc.

If with Rahu then disease related to naval portion.

If with Ketu then disease related to fear.

8) We have to decide disease related to our relatives according to above method via looking 6th or 8th house lord position from that bhav.

9)If 6th or 6th house lord both are associated with natural malefic and Saturn and Rahu is associated then Native is always sick.

10)If 6th house has Mars and 6th house lord is placed in 8th house then native will be suffering from fever @ age of 6th or 12 age.

11)If Jupiter in 6th house and Jupiter house is occupied Moon then native may be suffering from khushhtha rog at age of 19 or 22.

12)If 6th house has Rahu and Kendra has Gulika or Saturn and lagnesh is placed in 8th house then kshaya rog is possible during age of 26.

13) If 12th house lord in 6th and 6th house lord in 12th house then it may cause tumor related issues at the age of 30 or 29 year.

14) If 6th house has Moon and Saturn then blood khushhtha is possible at age of 55 year.

15) If lagnesh is in lagan and saturn in 6th house then vata related issues may be possible in 59 year.

16)If 8th lord in 6th house, and 12th house lord in lagan, and Moon is associated with 6th house lord then fear from animals at the age of 8th house.

19) If Rahu is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and Saturn is placed in 8th from Rahu then kids may be suffering from fears from fire in 1st or 2nd year and in third year fear from birds.

20)If Sun is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and Moon is placed 12th from Sun then native may be suffering from danger via water at the age of 5th or 9th house.

21) If 8th house has Saturn and Mars is placed in 7th house then Native may be Suffering from skin infection at the age of 10th or 30 year.

22) If 8th house lord is conjucted with Rahu, placed in own Navansh, and trine from 8th house then native may be Suffering from big skin ulcers or diabetes related issues in 18th or 22 year.

23) If 11th house lord in 6th and 6th house lord in 11th house then native may be Suffering from loss of wealth at age of 31 year.

24)If 5th house lord in 6th house and 6th house lord is associated with Jupiter, 12th house lord in lagan then his son will be enemy of him.

26)If 6th house lord in 6th and lagnesh in 6th house then Native may be suffering from dog bites at age of 10th or 19 year.

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