Phaldipika Chapter 7 Part 2 

15)Lagan will be Aries, Sun is excellent in lagan, Venus and Jupiter in Pisces sign, Saturn is excellent with Whole Moon and Mars is placed in 10th house and aspected Sun then Native will be a powerful king and when his army will be marching whole Sun will be invisible due to dust which is rising due to March of his army. 

16)The person who is born in night with Moon in cancer in 10th house and debilitating planet or planet in his enemy sign in either in 3rd, 6th or 11th house and benifical planet in Kendra or 11th house in his higher degree of exaltation then he will rules all over the world under one umbrella. 

17)If Full Moon is Vargottam then he will be famous and virtuous king. He has such type of army through which Sun is looking white just like morning Moon. 

18)If Moon and Jupiter in kenra and Venus in aspected both and no planet is debilitating then he will be very famous king. 

19) When Moon in watery sign and movable sign in Rashi and Navansh chart (Moon will be in cancer sign and Vargottam) and any auspicious planet in lagan in owh house or exaltation and no Malefic planet in Kendra  then he will be king. 

20)If Venus is aspected by Jupiter then person born in royal family become king.

If Jupiter in lagan other than Capricorn then native will be king with elephants. 

If lagnesh with full strength placed in Kendra then he will be born as a king. 

If  Mercury is placed in Kendra  aspected by Jupiter then he will be advice a king who rules all over the world.

21)If a planet in exaltation sign  aspected by own friend planet then he will be king. 

If a planer in exaltation sign is conjuct with friend planet then he will be rich. 

If Sun in own Navansh and Moon in cancer sign then he will be king with prosperity.

22)Full Moon in placed in Pisces sign and aspected by his friends planet then he will be head king. 

If Full moon is placed in Taurus sign then Native will be libreal, charitable and honorable by whole world.

23)Moon is placed in sign of his Adhimitra in Navansh chart and Venus aspected Moon then he will be king. If that Moon is also aspected by Jupiter then he will be king of whole world. 

24) If Natural malific in 3rd, 6th and 11th house.

2nd from lagan is Mercury and Mars. 

4th house has Sun and Venus. 

Jupiter in lagan, Mars in 10th house and Saturn in 11th house. 

Any of above will make Native king. 

25) If 2nd, 9th or 11th house lord from lagan is Kendra from Moon and 2nd house or 5th house or 11th house belong to Jupiter then it will be indicating Akhand Rajyog.

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