Venus In Fifth House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Venus in 5th house according to classical book of Astrology 


When Venus in 5th house, native will have awesome wealth and prosperity. He may be king and having best mentality. He has best children. 

Jatak Parijat 

When Venus in 5th house, Native will has best son, and friends. He may be rich and very beautiful. He may be commander in chief with horse (means Powerful person).


When Venus in 5th house Native will be happy, endowed with children and friends. He may be kind from nature. He may be sensual from mind. He will be awesome wealth. He may be minister or power ful person who is capable to give punishment. 

Venus in 5th house is indicating native may commits crimes for women and drinking. He may be father of daughters whose anger is clearly not pacified.

Vridh Yavan Jatak 

When Venus in 5th house from lagan then Native may attractive due to his unique attitude. He may be very charming person. He may be very important person in the society. He may be very powerful person. He may be very wealthy.

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