Phaldipika Chapter 5

Wealth Giving Planet From His Livehood

1) First we have to decide which lagan is stronger Either Birth lagan or Moon Lagan.

The Planet placed in 10th from that lagan will help native to accuired wealth. 

2)If 10th house has Sun then earn with help of Father.

Moon then help via mother.

Mars then help via his enemies.

Mercury then help of relatives or friends.

Jupiter then help of Brother.

Venus then help of wife.

Saturn then help of servants or employees. 

Note :- For modern concept we just try to find earning by significant of that Planet. 
3) For finding profession of Native 

Find the strongest lagan among Birth lagan, Moon lagan and Sun lagan. 

Find the 10th house lord where place in Navansh chart.

Navansh lord of 10th house in Navansh chart will determine Profession of Native. 

Means profession may be according to significant other 10th house depositor in Navansh chart. 

Note : we can just used all 3 lagan for finding exact profession of Native. 
3)If Navansh lord of 10th house lord is stronger then he has very good income and honoured in his profession. 

4)The sign in 10th house or Navansh sign of 10th house will be indicating area or place of Native or Direction of place of Native.

5)If 10th house or Navansh sign of 10th house is aspected by own lord or placed by own lord then Native may be earn in home land. Same results if Fixed sign.

If 10th house or Navansh sign of 10th house is aspects by other planet then his earning may be from other than his mother land. Same results if movable sign.

Profession According To Navansh Lord 

Sun – Fruits from Tress, Mantra, Recitation of Mantra, frauds and cunning acts with showing own power, gambling, false speaking, through wool, medical stream, work related to metal, service under king or authorities. 

Moon – Water related products, agriculture, cattle related jobs, pilgrimage related jobs, or traveling related jobs, help of women or jobs which is dependent of women, cloths related jobs. 

Mars – Metal related jobs, fighting related activities, attacking related jobs ( Police, arms force, don, etc), Kitchen related works or fire related works, land related jobs, threatening others, wepon, adventure related work, wicked acts, spy related acts, frauds or theft related acts.

Mercury – Poetry writing, writing, accounting, mathematics, calculations, tricky acts, Astrology, serving others by help of puja related activities, Purohit. 

Jupiter – Working as Guru or priest, working for profit of King, government or authorities such as government advisor, government cash related issues, religious script, through interest of money, religious teacher.

Venus – serving women or women related jobs, through cow/elephants or other animals related jobs, dancing, music or other arts related acts, through silver, perfume, milk products, ornaments, luxurious clothes, Minister or other such type jobs with high reputation, poetry.

Saturn – Minirels from earth,  hard Physical work out, person who take massage, employees, wicked or lower acts,  earning via lower class acts, as a labor, lower class Carpenter works, wooden related acts, serving under butcher.
Let’s take a example chart 

As we look in this horoscopes

1)10th from lagan is Mars and aspected by Jupiter. Which is indicating manager in armed force. 

2)10th from Moon is Mercury which is indicating some accounting acts. 

3)10th from Sun no Planet but aspects of Saturn and Mars which is indicating armed force with some sorts of legal work. 

4) In Navansh 10th lord from lagan and Moon Saturn in Libra sign with Ketu and Venus with Mars. Which is indicating work in force with some sorts of Secretary jobs. 

5)10th lord from Sun is Mercury in navmasa of Saturn which is indicating some sort of work related to hard work or massanger. 

So we can say that Native may be armed force where his work related to management, accounting or movement control.
Now  next part is if Navansh Lord of 10th house is stronger than earning is very good. Actually Saturn is excellent in D9 so he has very good salary and reputation in his working place.

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