Indrachapa And Their Effect

Indrachapa or Chapa or If Indradhanush

Indrachapa is also known as chapa or Indradhanush. According to Phaldepika it is belongs to famous rainbow which is visible in sky during rain. Indrachapa may cause wound from stone or weapons of significant of house where it is placed.

Location of Indrachapa 

Indrachapa in horoscope is just opposite to Dhoom in horoscope. 

Indrachapa longitude = 360°(12 sign) – Parivesh longitude.

Let’s take a example chart 

Parivesh location in above chart is Pisces Sign 29°02’27”.

So Indrachapa = 12Sign – 11.29°02’27” 

                   = 11.29°59’60” – 11.29°02’27”

                   = 0.0°57’33”

Indrachapa in Aries sign 57’33”.

In above chart Dhoom in Libra Sign 57’33”. Means Dhoom and Indrachapa is just opposite to each other.
Effect of Indrachapa in different houses 

1)First House – When Indrachapa is placed in 1st house, Native will be rich and wealthy. He has endowed with gold and others valuable metals. He always honour his help. He has best thoughts. He has devoid from any sorts of bad qualities. 

2) Second House – When Indrachapa is placed in 2nd house, he may be sweet speech. He may has best conduct. He may be wealthy. He may be pleasent. He has good knowledge and education. He may be handsome and inclnation towards rightness activities. 

3)Third house – When Indrachapa is placed in 3rd house, Native may be very cheap in expenses. He may has knowledge of all sorts of arts. He may be inclined towards thieving related activities. He may has deform body limbs. He will be devoid from happiness of friends and relatives.

4) Fourth House – When Indrachapa is placed in 4th house, native will be happy. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness such as vehicles, cow, foods etc. He may be hounrable by royal family. He may be enjoying disease free life. 

5) Fifth House – When Indrachapa is placed in native may be jolly minded. He may be philosopher who has good Outlook of future. He may be devoty of God. He may be sweet speaker. He always gets growth all his works. 

6) Sixth House – When Indrachapa is placed in 6th house, Native may be destroyer of his enemies. He will be very fraud. He will be happy. He may be shows dear nature. He may gets success in all his works.

7) Seventh House – When Indrachapa is placed in 7th house, Native will be just like almighty. He will be virtuous. He has Knowledge of all sastra. He will be religious and dear to all. 

8) Eight House – When Indrachapa is placed in 8th house, native will be doing other works. He will be cruel. He will be interested in others women. He may has deform body limbs.

9)Ninth House – When Indrachapa in 9th house, Native will be famous. He will be just like religious Guru. He has great knowledge.

10)Tenth House – When Indrachapa in 10th house, native has many sons. He may be wealthy. He has wealth of all sorts. He may be popular among public. 

11) Eleventh House – When Indrachapa in 11th house, Native has profits from all sorts. He may be disease free but firm in tempar. He will knows all nature of women. He may has Knowledge of all sorts of wepons. 

12) Twelfth House -When Indrachapa in 12th house, Native will be wicked mentality, very proudy, crooked intelligency, shameless, inclined towards others women and suffering from proverty. 

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