Gulika And Their Effect

Gulika is Upgrah of Saturn. It is consider Gulika is very malific in nature Just like Saturn. According to Parasara Gulika and Mandi is same. But some other says it is different. According to Phaldipika Gulika is most malific upgrah among another. Gulika may destroy significant of planet when they sit with them. 

When Gulika is placed with Sun it may cause harmful for father. 

When with Moon then cause harmful for mother and mental peace. 

When with Mars harmful for siblings. When with mercury harmful for relatives or maternal relatives and cause mental troubles. 

When with Jupiter then harmful​ for Children and native may cause wicked wisdom. 

When with Venus then it may makes native character less regarding sexual activities and harmful for wife. 

When with Saturn then cause critical disease, skin related disease and some time short life span. 

When with Rahu it may cause danger from poison. 

When with ketu may cause danger from fire related issues. 

When Gulika is placed in bad nakshatra or gandanta or time which is not consider a auspicious then it may cause suffering for whole life through obstacles. 
Calculations Of Gulika 

1)For this we have to first know about Day birth or Night birth of native. 

2)Day leanth is known as Dinman. Night length is known as Ratriman. 

Now divide this Dinman or Ratriman in 8th equal part. Each part is know as Astmansha. 

3)As we know that every day has own ruler. Sunday Sun, Monday Moon, Tuesday Mars, Wednesday Mercury, Thursday Jupiter, Friday Venus and Saturday Saturn. We have to know this sequence.

Now For day first Astmansha (1/8 part of day) is rules as day ruler after then rule by Next day ruler and so on up to 7/8 part of day. After that 8th part has no ruler. 

For example for Sunday. 

1st part is rules by Sun.

2nd Moon, 3rd Mars, 4th Mercury, 5th Jupiter, 6th Venus and 7th is Saturn. 8th part has no ruler. 

For night part, 1st part ruler is 5th from day ruler. Then sequence is as above. 

Suppose in above example. 1st part of night is rules as Jupiter, 2nd Venus, 3rd Saturn, 4th has no ruler, 5th has Sun, 6th Moon, 7th Mars and 8th Mercury.

You may look above chart to find rulling planet. 

The Part which is Ruled By Sun is known as Kaal, Mars rules part is know as Mrityu, Mercury rules part is know as Ardhaparahara, Jupiter rules part is know as Yamghanta, Saturn rules Part is Known as Gulika. 
Calculations Of Gulika lagan 

From above method we have to know Gulika bela. So the lagan rising sign at that time will be Gulika Position for that Person. 

Mandi – Mandi will be rise in mid part of Gulika bela.So lagan rise when Gulika rise will be Mandi lagan for that chart. 

Let’s see a example chart.

Sun rise at 4:43:30 am and Sun Set at 18:55:54. So Dinman will be 14:12:24 hour. So one Astmansha will be 1:46:33 hour. 

Now day is Tuesday so Gulika will be 5th part of Astmansha (5/8 part of day) start after 7:06:12.

Gulika bela start at 11:49:42 time. 

Gulika sign will be 19°39’33” Leo sign.

Mandi is rise in Mid part so Gulika rising time will be 11:46:33 + 0:53:17 = 12:39:50.

Lagan Rising at that time will be mean Mandi sign will be 0° 7′ 24″ Virgo.
Effect Of Gulika or Mandi in all 12th houses 

1)First House –  When Gulika in 1st house, Native will be suffering from disease. He may be sensual. He may be wicked in nature. He may be fraud. He may doesn’t has politeness in behavior. He doesn’t has good knowledge and low intelligency. He may be average in height. He may be suffering from eyes related issues. He may be hot in tempar and rigidity in nature. He may be not brave. He may be always suffering from sorrows. 

2) Second House – When Gulika is placed in 2nd house, Native will be not pleasent speaker. He may be quarrelsome. He may be devoid from wealth and foods. He may be away from his family and lives in forigen place. He may has not good oral knowledge and also not knowledge meaning of words. He may creating dispute through his speech. He may be shameless. He may be suffering from sorrows and bad habits. He may has deform body limbs. 

3)Third House – When Gulika in 3rd house, native will has handsome physique. He may be head of his village. He may be religious person. He may be dear to good man. He may be honored by king. He may be proudy and having all sorts of Comfort. He may be virtuous. He may very excited to earn money. He may be hot in tempar. He may be suffering from separation from his wife. He may be suffering from separation from his siblings. He will be very brave and without any fear.

4)Fourth House – When Gulika in 4th house, native will be devoid from happiness of vehicles, friends and relatives. He may be suffering from mentel stress. He may be suffering from disease. He has not good happiness. He may be suffering from Vata and pita dosh. 

5)Fifth House – When Gulika in 5th house, native may be alpayu. He may has fickel mentality. He may use his intelligency in sinful acts. He may be suffering from humiliation. He may be poor. He may be jelious by nature. He may be suffering regarding child birth. He may be getting defeat by women. He doesn’t​has faith on God. 

6)Sixth House – When Gulika in 6th house, Native will be destroyer of his enemies. He getting pleasure in ghost related talks. He may be brave and having best kids. He may has good health and best physique. He will got honored by women. He may be has good Mentalities and charm on face. He may be rigid in his actions. 

7) Seventh House – When Gulika in 7th house, native may be sensual and under control of women. He may has multiple relationship or multiple wife. He may be quarrelsome and doing sinful acts. He may has thin physique. He may be devoid from friendship. He doesn’t honour another help. He may be criticizer of others. He may has limited knowledge . He may lives on wife wealth. He does has self respect. 

8) Eight House – When Gulika in 8th house, native will be suffering from disease related to mouth and eyes. He will be short in height. He may be suffering from hunger. He may cruel in nature. He may be aggressively hot tempar. He doesn’t has any good qualities.

9)Ninth House – When Gulika in 9th house, Native will be devoid from happiness of guru and children. He may be suffering from many types of sorrows. He may has thin physique. He may be doing sinful acts. He may be idiot. He may be talebearer. He may try to looks good from outer side.

10) Tenth House – When Gulika in 10th house, Native may be happy. He may enjoying materialistic happiness. He may workship god. He may control his mind by yog etc. He doesn’t​ do auspicious acts for public welfare. 

11) Eleventh House – When Gulika in 11th house, native may has good materialistic happiness. He may has happiness of sons. He may famous and charming. He has good wife. He may be head of his community. He has all sorts of power and position.

12) Twelfth House – When Gulika in 12th house, native may be devoid from happiness of bed pleasure. He may has not good Comfort. He has may sorts ​of expenses. His livehood is based​ on base acts. He may has deform body limbs. He may be lazy and unfortunate. He may inclnation towards lower category people.

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