Saturn In Gemini Sign

        Saturn In Gemini Sign

1)Before Knowing the effect of Saturn in Gemini sign first we have to know about Saturn and Gemini sign. Gemini is 3rd house of kaalprush and Saturn is placed here so you may read Saturn in 3rd house. Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th house of kaalprush and placed in 3rd house of kaalprush so you may read 10th house lord in 3rd house and 11th house lord in 3rd house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Saturn in Gemini Sign

Brihat  Jatakam 

When Saturn in house of Mercury means either Gemini or Virgo Native will be without of happiness, shame, money and children. He may be fool in any clerical acts or writing,painting etc arts quality. He may be protector just like head watchman.


Saturn In Gemini sign in birth chart Native may be suffering from many types of debts and imprisonments. He may be suffering due to hardwork. He may be arrogance and follower of minister. He may has knowledge of prayer and classical songs. He doesn’t has good morality. He may be always intrested in hidden. He may be sensual. He may be doing fraud, wicked from mind, his actions may be cheating type, and may be bad in conduct. He may be inclined in traveling, flirting with women, and outdoor sports.


Saturn in Gemini sign produces a tired man who is suffering from many debts and boundages. His manner is roguish and advice is false and full with frauds. His actions are corrupt. His way of counseling is hypocritical. He is bad artisian who is useless in his qualities of roguishness. He is shameless. He is attached with evil friends and colleagues. He is fond of homosexual acts.

3)Saturn in Gemini sign indicating native is brave and courageous but lazy in activities. He may be shameless but hassitated in communication. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be cruel and wicked in actions. He may be suffering struggle in his life.

4) Saturn in Gemini sign Native may have to work hard for getting success in his professional life. He may gets success through own efforts. He may crushing his all competitor. He may also have competition with his siblings. He may be skillful in communication but his way of communication is harsh or rough.

5) Saturn in Gemini sign Native may be sensual or having sexual problems. He may be not so good regarding productivity of children. He may have less sperms count. Native may have friendship with older man or lower grade people or may have more age difference in age of friends.

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