Mars In Leo Sign

           Mars In Leo Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Mars in Leo Sign first we have to know about Mars and Leo the king. As Mars is placed in 5th house of kalpurush so you may read Mars in 5th house. As Mars is lord of 1st and 8th house of kalpurush and placed in 5th house so you may read 1st house lord in 5th house and 8th house lord in 5th house.

2)Let’s we know from different classical book regarding Mars in Leo so

Brihat Jatkam
When Mars in Leo sign in birth chart native will be poor. He will be suffering from stress or trouble. He will be traveling in forests. He will have few children and wife.

When Mars in Leo sign in birth chart Native will be impatient by temper. He will be very courageous and brave. His intention in  grabbing others money and children. He will like to live in forests. He will likes eating beef. His first wife will be died. He will kill snacks and animals like deer. He will not blessed by children. He will not gets fruits of religion. He will be very active in his jobs or work.

When Mars in Leo in birth chart Native will a handsome man who have great strength. He will be very fierce hero who is impatient in insulting. He will be assails others and keep no hoarding. He will be living in woods, forests or with heard of cattle. He will be fond of flesh. He will be hunted carnivorous animals, deers and snakes etc. He will be without children and whose wife dies before he dies. He will be diligent in his actions but bereft of the profits of his dharma.


3)Mars is belong to Fire elements and Leo is also a firey planet so Mars in Leo indicating native may be very active in action and most of time his actions in fixed direction. He is very or excess courageous or brave. He don’t have fear from any body.  He is very quarrelsome or active in fighting.

4) Leo is 5th house sign of kalpurush so Mars in Leo indicating native have very strong abdominal fire. He is capable to digest any things but his hunger don’t get relief anyway. It may cause Pitta related disease speacily belong to abdominal. I think it may possible native may drinking so much water.

5)Mars in 5th house of kalpurush indicating native mentality more inclined towards dand nithi means native may be believed in punishment.

6)Mars in Leo sign indicating native may be gambler in nature.

7)Mars in Leo sign may cause problems in progeny because Mars is also 8th lord and placed in 5th house of kalpurush. It may also cause problems regarding native faith on God.

8)Mars in Leo sign indicating native may be sensual but may be less sperm count.

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