Moon In Leo Sign

           Moon In Leo Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Moon in Leo sign first we have to know about Moon the Queen and Leo the king. Leo sign is 5th house sign of kalpurush and Moon is placed here so we just checked Moon in fifth house. Moon is 4th house lord and it is placed in 5th house of kalpurush so we may also read Fourth house lord in 5th house. If we consider Moon horoscope then 12th house lord Moon is placed in Moon lagan 1st house so we have to checked 12th house lord in 1st house.

2)Now let’s we know from classical about Moon in Leo sign

स्थूल अस्थिर् मन्दरोमा पृथुवदनगलो ह्रस्वपिड़्गक्षियुग्म:
स्त्रीद्वेषी क्षुत्पिपासाजठररदरुजापीड़ितो मांसभक्षः।
दाता ताक्ष्णोअ्ल्पपुत्रो विपिनगरतिर् मातृवश्यः सुवक्षा
विक्रान्तः कार्यलीनः शशभूति रविगे सर्वगम्भीरदृष्टिः।।

Moon in the Leo sign indicating native will have thick(स्थूल) bones and have little hair on the body. Native will have large body, face and neck. His eyes is small and yellowish. Native hates women. He have suffering regarding hunger and thirst. He will have abdominal and tooth problems. Native will eat flesh. He will be charitable by nature. He will be harsh in behavior. He will have few sons. He will interested in making sexual relationship in forest and hills. Native is under control of his mother or respectful for his mother. He will have broad and good looking chest. He will be valorous and dutiful. Native will looking serious from eyes.


Brihat Jatakam

तीक्ष्णः स्थूलहनुर् विशालवदनः पिड़्गेक्षणो अल्पात्मजः
स्त्रीद्वेषी प्रियमांसकाननगः कुप्यत्यकार्ये चिरम्।
क्षुत्तृष्णोदरदन्तमानसरुजा सम्पीड़ितस्त्यागवान्
विक्रान्तः स्थिरधीसुगर्वितमना मातुविर्धेयो अर्कभे।।

Moon in Leo in birthchart native will be harsh or angry in nature. He will have thick cheek and large body. Native will have yellowish eyes and having a few sons. He will be hates women. He will likes flesh, mountain and forest. If he will gets displeasure then it may be for long time. He will be suffering from hunger and thirst. He will have disease or problems related to abdomen, tooth and mental problems. He will be liberal and valorous. He will be fixed minded. He will be very proud full man. He will be respectful to his mother.


The Moon in Leo sign in birthchart native will be just like King and courage in behavior. Native will be get honoured by the king authority. Native have elevated shoulder just like a lion and whose body is thick-set and plump. Native is hungry man who is fond of flesh and hard in attack.
Native is dear to his mother. He will be fierce man by nature whose anger does not last long. He will a liberal man with few sons. He will be laughs but little. One whose money comes from firm enterprises. Native will have whose fearful character. He will have strong friendship.
He will be deep and firm in nature and he will know his own ways. Native will be righteous and
renowned person. He don’t forgive easily. He is clever man who is delighting in rivers, mountains, and forests. Native is harsh in his speech and criticize many people.
He is heroic man of conviction and strength who shows little love or civility among to men. He is clever
and grateful person whose wealth is famous. He will be a hero whose possessions and household are great.
He will be man who assault others and don’t feeling sorrow. He will be very proud man and is inclined toward affection. He will be endowed with a royal nature. He is a man  treasury grows ever greater. He will be a charming person who is not bothered by diseases,hunger, or fatigue.

3)Moon is natural karak of Mind and it is placed in Leo which is firey and fixed sign so native will be fixed minded and hot tempered. Leo shows Proudness so Leo Moon sign native may be very ambitious and proudly in behavior. Native will tends to behave like kind . As they are ill tempered so they become very dangerous when he is violent. They may be emotional and easily getting angry. They are fixed minded but uncertain in behavior or his behavior change very fast.

4)Moon is karak of roop or body charm and Leo is own self attracting or shows lookness in Crowd. So Leo Moon sign native may be charismatic or lookness in Crowd just by physical body attraction. They may be large in height.

5)Leo and Moon both are sattvic in nature and Moon is mind so they are sattvic such as liberal, clean hearted, or charitable.

6)Moon as 4th house lord of kalpurush placed in 5th house of kalpurush so native will be very good learner, intelligent and good memory. But as in Moon Kundali Moon is 12th house lord placed in 1st house Leo so they may be expensing his brain in unnecessary matters. They will taking stress for unnecessary subjects. As Moon is fickle by nature so they don’t have so much passions for learning full vidya. They will getting alots of different types of vidya but full or expert in any vidhya is also seems doubtable.

7)Moon in Leo combination of both royal planet and sign so native is fortunate and blessed by authority. Some time he may gets ministerial post or authority post.

8) Leo Moon sign native may haven’t a stable profession. It may be due to 5th house of kalpurush containing a very fast changeable planet Moon. They may have interest in speculation.

9)Leo the 5th house of kalpurush counting 12th house lord from own self so it may possible native may have a few son or some time more girls children.

10) Moon in Leo the house of his best friend so Mother of native is royal and administrative in behavior. Native may be under control of his mother due to respect or obedient nature of own self. He will be blessed by maternal side.

11)Moon in Leo native may be suffering from pitta dosh. He may have problems regarding abdominal.

12)If you want to know more about Moon then read this link.

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