Sun In Gemini Sign

        Sun In Gemini Sign

1) Sun in Gemini Sign is indicating Sun occupy 3rd rashi of kalpurush or in simple 3rd sign of natural zodiac system. Before knowing the effect of Sun in Gemini first we have to know about Sun the boss and Gemini a intelligence Sign. As Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and it is placed in 11th from own house so you may also read about First house in 11th house.  Regarding kalpurush it is sittution 5th house lord placed in 3rd house so you may also read about 5th house lord in 3rd house.
As we know that Sun is friends for Gemini lord Mercury. So it is Good for Gemini Sign occupied by a Friend Planet.

2) After this we know from classical about Sun in Gemini Sign. So let’s know about above combination

Brihat Jatakam —
विद्याज्योतिषवित्तवान् मिथुनगे भानौ

When Sun goes to Gemini Sign native may be educated or scholar, astrologer and wealthy.


When Sun in Gemini Sign in a horoscope Native have good conduct and famous among king for his noble quality. Native is intelligent person who speaking sweetly and well in behavior. Native is cleaver and shows affection to others. Sun in Gemini native may have two mothers. Native have beautiful waist and knows learnings and sciences. Native is a handsome man but hates sexual intercourse and having righteousness(Dharma) desire.

Saravali —- When Sun in Gemini Sign in a horoscope Native is sweet in speech, affectionate person and  having good conduct. Native will be expert in profane knowledge and sastra. Native is exceedingly affluent, liberal and skillful. Native will be astrologer. Native may be mediocre in appearance and having two mothers. Native is fortunate and modest.

Jatak Parijat 
When Sun occupy Gemini Sign then Native’s mind will be inclined towards acquisition of learnings and wealth.


3)Sun is karak of Personality of native and it is placed in Gemini Sign so native’s personality just like a intelligence  educated and knowledgeable person.

4) Native may be medium in height but handsome in looking(not so beautiful but attractive and power to attract other, a Gemini quality).

5)Native is very skillful in communication and friendly in behavior and shows a good approach towards others. Native have a logical brain because Sun is karak of brain and Gemini is logical communicator.

6) Sun is shows steady or Fixed behavior when its occupy in a dual sign so its acquired Gemini quality and shows some flexibility in nature which is consider good regarding this practical world.

7)Sun is karak of father when Sun placed in Gemini Sign its indicating native father may be talkative, attractive and sensual. As we read in above native may have two mothers, may be its due to its placed 7th from karak house (9th house of kalpurush) in a dual sign. But we may get indications regarding father’s Gemini quality.

8)As we know that when ever 5th house lord placed in 3rd house native is always inclined towards gaining Vidhya or knowledge through self efforts. Here Sun in Gemini indicating native may be always inclined towards gaining learning and knowledge. Native may be learned sastra and Veda and astrology which is consider Vidya of Sun.

9)Sun is a brave man and when it is placed in Gemini Sign which is natural sign of bravery in kalpurush chart so native may be brave man.

10)Sun is Karak of bones and Gemini is karak of hands, shoulders, ears, neck so if Sun is affiliated in Gemini Sign then its may cause bone related problems to above body parts.

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