Phaldipika Chapter 2 Part 5

      Phaldipika Chapter 2
     Part 5 Shlok 12 to Shlok 14

Shlok 12 — This shlok described about natural physical characteristics of Jupiter.
Jupiter belongs to yellow look of body, he has brown hair and eyes. Jupiter belongs to fats(पीनो, which means fat which is among one of the saptdhatu). Jupiter have elevated chest and  huge body (बृहच्छरीर). Jupiter is belongs to kapha nature. Jupiter has best intelligence (श्रेष्ठमति). Jupiter has voice like lion( सिंहब्जनाद). Jupiter is lord of wealth(वसुप्रधान).

Remark— The person who has impact of Jupiter in either 1st or 2nd house who’s voice is just like lion. Jupiter is rules fats so it may cause fatty body parts according to horoscope.

Shlok 13–  This shlok described about Venus. Venus belongs to variegated colour (चित्राम्बरा). Venus has black curled hair (कुञ्चित कृष्ण केश). Venus is corpulent body but all body looks are even. Venus belong to kapha and vayu in composition (कफानिलात्मा). Venus eyes is seems lovey and big just like durva grass sprout. Venus is belong to growth(वृद्धि), semen(शुक्र या शुक्ल) and साधित( solving any matters).

Remarks— Venus rule over power of attracting any body through their looks.  Venus may cause any kapha and vayu related problems such as cough disease.

Shlok 14 — This shlok belong to Saturn natural physical constitution.
Saturn has a defective (पंगु) eyes which sighted in lower direction (निम्नविलोचन). {This may be Indicating defective eye sight when Saturn give impact on eye karak bhav and planet. One other indication may be regarding Saturn aspects on bhav.}
Saturn has lean body constitution but tall in height.
Saturn belong to venices and lazy in nature.(सिरालोअलस).{It may be Indicating regarding nervous system of our body.}
Saturn is black in body colour and belong to vayu (wind) nature.
Saturn is very wicked in nature( अतिपिशुन).
Saturn rules overs muscles (स्नायु, one of the saptdhatu).
Saturn is very dirty in looks (निर्धृण:).
Saturn is belong to idiot(मूर्ख) behavior.
Saturn have large nails and teeth( स्थुलनखद्विज) and rough body hair (परुषरोमांगो).
Saturn is tamsic in nature and governance impurities.
Saturn is very violentic in nature (रौद्र:) and full with anger (क्रोधपरो).
Saturn is looks like very old age man (जरा) and wears black clothes.

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