Phaldepika Chapter 2 Part 4

                Chapter 2
   Part 4 Shlok 10 to Shlok 11

Shlok 10 —– This shlok described Mars physical appearance.
Mars has medium build and lean in physical appearance.
Mars has curled and shining hairs.
Mars has cruel eyes, bilious(पित्त) in nature and  furious mentality (उग्र बुद्धि).
Mars has blood red cloths and blood red physical body colour.
Mars(महीज or son of earth) is very angry (चण्ड) and same time very liberal (अत्युदार).
Mars is a youth man and rules overs marrow (मज्जा) as saptdhatu.

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Shlok 11 —– Mercury has dark green body just like durva(दूर्वा) grass. Mercury belong to mixture of all three dathu( kapha(कफ), pittha(पित्त),Vatth( वात्त)). Mercury is belong to veins (सिरावान्). Mercury has pleasant speech(मधुरोक्ति).
Mercury has long red eyes. Mercury has green parrot(हरितंशुक) like clothes.
Mercury is belong to skins(त्वक्सार) within saptdhatu.
Mercury has belong to interest in fun(हास्य रुचि).
Mercury has belongs to even limbs(समअंग).

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