Phaldepika Chapter 2 Part 3

                 Chapter 2
        Part 3 Shlok 8 to Shlok 9

Shlok 8—– This shlok described different natural Characteristics of Sun.
Sun is belong to Pittha( पित्त) nature. This means Sun may cause Pittha related dosh according to horoscope.
Sun is a man with strong bones. This means Sun is karak of Ashthi(अस्थि) among of saptdhatu(सप्तधातु). It is consider our body is constitutes from Saptdhatu. So affiliation on Sun may cause bones related problems.
Sun has less hair. This means when sun give impact on 1st house(because 1st house belong to physical beauty as read in previous shlok) then native may have less hair.
Sun have dark – red color( रक्त श्याम वर्ण) in physical appearance. So Sun impact on 1st, 2nd and 12th house and on moon may cause native may be dark – red in physical appearance. (1sthouse  belongs to overall physical appearance, 2nd and 12th belong face and Moon is natural karak of Roop.)
Sun have eyes likes honey( honeny have colour reddish brown). So, Sun when give impact on 2nd and 12th house may cause native have reddish brown eyes. Also remember Sun is one of natural karak of eyes.
Sun belong to red colour clothes.
Sun have square build(चतुर्भुजाकार) body.
Sun is valiant(शूर) man. So Sun impact on 1st, 3rd, 6th house makes native brave or valiant in nature.
Sun is  fierce(प्रचण्ड) in nature. This indicating temper of  Sun. When Sun impact on 1st and 5th house my cause fierce temper.
Sun has broad arms(पृथु बाहु).

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Shlok 9 —  This shlok described natural physical complexion of Moon. According to this Shlok
Moon has corpulent(स्थूल) body construction. So when ever moon impact on 1st house native may be corpulent body constitution.
Moon is young(युवा) and old man(स्थविर).
Moon has pale white in body colour and thick and black hair.
Moon has bright eyes, and shorts in body heights.
Moon belong to blood(रक्त, one of Saptdhatu).
Moon belong to evenly body(some author suggest lean but I think it’s एकसार because lean sought दुबला-पतला).
Moon belong to soft temper(मृदु) and soft speech(मृदु वाक्).
Moon belong to kafha(कफ) and Vatta (वात्त) composition.
Moon belongs to white cloths and fairly or beautiful ( गौरः) in looks.

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