Eight House Lord In Fifth House

8th house lord in 5th house

1)Before knowing effect of 8th house lord in 5th house we have to know about Fifth house and Eight house. . As 8th house Lord placed in 10th from own house so you may read First house lord in 10th house.

2) According to Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra

रन्धेशे सुतभावस्थे जड़ बुद्धि प्रजायते।

स्वल्पप्रज्ञोभवेज्जातो दीर्घायुश्च‌ धनान्वित:।।

When 8th house lord in 5th house native may be rigid by nature. He has very little knowledge. He may be wealthy and long lived.

Vridh Yavan jatak

When 8th house lord is natural malefic and placed in 5th house, native may be devoid from happiness of son. If natural beneficial then he has son. Generally native will be short life and do fraudulent acts.

3)As 8th house lord in 5th house is just 10th from own house which is indicating 8th house may become getting natural strength due to its lord placed 10th house from own house. So results will be depending on condition of 8th lord in 5th house. If 8th lord is powerful then it may indicating native may be long lived due to strength of 8th house and 8th lord.

4) 5th house is belong to children and 8th house is belong to obstacles and dussthan. So 8th lord in 5th house is not consider good regarding children. Native may has problems in child birth or may has late child birth. If 5th house is affiliated by 8th lord then it is possible native has a limited number of children. If badly affiliated then it cause death of children or there may be childless condition. It may also cause for native’s children don’t have a good health or children may suffering from disease or native’s children may have deform physical structure.
It may also indicating dispute between native and children. Native’s children may be in trouble due to mental stress. Children may cause dis fame for native due to their immoral acts. But if well placed then native’s children are very good and his children has all sorts of materialistic happiness.

5)5th house belong to mentality or emotions and 8th house is a dussthan and its natural siogn in kalpurush horoscope is scorpion which is very dangerous through all directions (just amazing figure of scorpion and its attacking power through its body parts). So when 8th lord in 5th house native may has very dangerous mentality. Native may be turn violentic in emotions. Native has quick power to reacts through his felling.

6) 5th house belong to intelligence and 8th house is obstacles makers so 8th house lord in 5th house is indicating native intelligence may be affected. Native may has low intelligence or may has memory problems. If this placement is well and good then native has such type of intelligence through which he finds any type of hidden things.

7)5th house belong to vidya and 8th house as a dussthan lord may cause obstacles to getting vidya. But on the other hand 8th house is also belong to secret knowledge so 8th house lord in 5th house may cause native may gets knowledge of any secret vidhya such as astrology, occult knowledge, black magic, tantra knowledge, mantra knowledge etc. It may also possible native may be able to make money through such type of occult knowledge.

8)8th house belong to research and it is placed in 5th house of memory. So native may be use his memory in research. On the other hand 8th house lord placed in 10th from own house so native may be able to make money through his research or work as research professional. 8th house is belong to gambling and its placed in 5th house do native may be working in gambling profession such as stock market in modern day conception.

9) If 8th house lord is badly placed in 5th house, it may also cause legal or mental problems through children. Native may has not good health. Native may be suffering from abdominal problems.

10) 5th house belong to faith and 8th house belong to question mark regarding faith so 8th house lord in 5th house is indicating native doesn’t has good faith on his traditional rituals and religion. But if 8th lord is well placed and 5th house is also in good condition then native has very deeper knowledge regarding religion and rituals. Native have such type of knowledge so he may be able to find the truth of religion and traditional rituals. Native may has very good spiritual power.

11)When 8th house lord with 5th house lord in 5th house and both are in good condition native is very knowledgeable and intelligence. Native may gets secret knowledge. Native may be religious. If combination is badly affiliated 5th house then native’s children may dead. Native may has disturb mentality.


12) If you want to read effect of planet in 5th house you may read Planet in 5th house.

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