Fourth House Lord In Fifth House

        4th house lord in 5th house


1) Before knowing effect of 4th house lord in 5th house we have to know about Fourth house and Fifth house. As   4th house lord is placed in 2nd from own house so you may read First house lord in 2nd house.

2)As 4th house lord is placed in 5th house is consider very auspicious. Here we don’t consider 2-12th relationship. Because 4th lord in 5th house is giving good results.

3)4th house belong to mother and its Lord is situated in 5th house which is 2nd from 4th house so mother may belong to reputed  and honorable family. Native may be gets wealth or property from maternal side. As 5th house belong to religious faith so native’s mother may be religious.

4) 4th house belong to mind and 5th house belong to intelligencency so 4th lord in 5th house indicated native is intelligent.  He is clever.

5)4th house belong to study and 5th belong to knowledge so 4th lord in 5th house native may be gets good knowledge through his study. He may be gets success in his education and may also gets higher education. Actually 5th house is belong to Vidhya and 4th house is general education so 4th lord in 5th house native may gets Vidhya through his study.

6)4th house lord in 5th house indicated native may be rich and wealthy and he gets success in his life. Native is able to get wealthy through his attempt (the proportion of hard work depending on situation of horoscope but it is consider native may be able to get success through little attempt because Native gets fruits of past life good deeds).

7)4th house is house of happiness and its lord is placed in 5th house indicating native may gets wealth for full fill all his materialistic happiness. Native is happy. Native may have own house and own vehicle.

8)4th house is one of moksh trikona and its Lord is placed in strongest dharm trikona so native may be religious and spiritual person. Native may be use mantra power to wakeup his spiritual power. Native is loved to religious activities and have good knowledge of religion. Native may go for or inclination towards religious tour.

9)5th house belong to ministerial post and 4th house belong to mass so 4th house lord in 5th house indicating native may be head of any organization or institute. Native may gets honor by others just like minister.

10) When 4th lord with 5th lord in 5th house it is consider very auspicious because it is making very famous Dharam Karam Adhipati Yog. So native may be very knowledgeable according to classical book Native is well knowledge of Ved Vedanga and other sastra.  Native may gain political power and may be become famous . Native may be goes to parliament. He may be chairman or minister or any powerful administrative post. Native earns a lot of wealth and name and fame. Native may gets blessing from government . Native is well versed in mantra.

11) If you want to know effect of planet in 5th house you may read Planet in 5th house.

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  1. Pranam Sir! Very nice and valuable information- I have 4th lord in 5th house – In Scorpio ascendant
    Shani with Rahu in Axes with Guru and Ketu. No property from maternal or paternal side May because of 12th lord in 4th house.

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