Moon In Eight House

Moon in 8th house

1)Before Knowing Effect of Moon In Eight House first we have to know about Moon and 8th House . 

2)8th house belongs to death house so strong Moon is indicating native has good life span and weak Moon is indicating Native has short life span.
8th house Moon may cause for weak physical constitutions and Native may be thin and weak.

3)Moon is Karak of Mind and when Moon occupy 8th house, native may be confused from mind. Native may be suffering due to his mental conditions and may has fears. However native may be very intelligent because 8th house Moon give native to Good “Buddhi”.

4)Moon in 8th house may cause for ill health of Native. As Moon belongs to mind so may be cause of illness due to Mental(Mansic) Problem. Moon also belongs to water element so it may cause for Kapha Dosh. Moon belongs to digestive system so it may cause digestive problem. Moon also belongs to lungs so may be lungs problem.  Moon in 8th house also create problem regarding eyesight. Overall problem depends on impact of Moon in 8th house through different planet and Rashi and Nakhshatra.

5)Moon is Natural Karak of Mother and its placement in 8th house(Mrityu Bhav) is indicating Native may lose his mother at early age. It may also cause for weak health of Mother.

6)8th house Moon is indicating Native may be Kind hearted and may be spiritual minded. Native may be splendors and enjoying good life style.

7)Moon in 8th house is indicating native’s life partner may be beautiful (8th house belongs to face of life partner) and intelligent and wise. Means a best suitable partner to native. If Moon is afflicted then it may cause for weak health of Life partner (Marak house for life partner 2nd from 7th house).

8)Moon in 8th house aspects 2nd house so native may be good looking, sweet speech and good orator. Native may be pleasing in nature and sometime suffering from laughable conditions or humiliations or embarrassing condition.

9)8th belongs to Virasat(will) so Moon in 8th house is indicating Native may get wealth through Virasat specially from Mother or Mother property.

10)Moon in 8th house is also indicating Native may get good fame & fortunes in later stage of life . Native may be get corporation through foreign land and foreigner. Native may loves to travel.

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