Scorpion Ascendant

Scorpion Ascendant

1)When your rising falls in scorpion rashi then you are scorpion Ascendant.

2)Meaning of Scorpion Ascendant—-
1st house is Scorpion rashi and lord is Mars. It is Also Lagan lord.
2nd House is Sagittarious rashi and Lord is Jupiter.
3rd House is Capricorn Rashi and Lord is Saturn.
4th house is Aquarius rashi and Lord is Saturn.
5th house is Pisces rashi and Lord is Jupiter.
6th House is Aries rashi and Lord is Mars.
7th house is Tarush rashi and Lord is Venus.
8th lord is Gemini rashi and Lord is Mercury.
9th lord is Cancer rashi and Lord is Moon.
10th lord is Leo rashi and Lord is Sun.
11th lord is Virgo rashi and Lord is Mercury.
12th lord is Libra rashi and Lord is Venus.

3)Benific for Scorpion Ascendant—–
Moon—Moon is lord of most benific Kona(9th house) so it is benific for Scorpion.

Jupiter—Jupiter is Lord of 2nd House(Neutral) and 5th house(Benific) so jupiter is benific for Scorpion,

Sun—-Sun is Lord of 10th house. Sun is natural Melific planet and Lord of Kendra so according to Kendradipati Dosh it is Benific for Scorpion.

Melific for Scorpion–
Mercury–Mercury is Lord of 8th house and 11th house also mercury is natural enemy for Mars. So Mercury is most Melific for Scorpion.

Venus—venus is Lord of 7th house(Melific due to Kendradipati Dosh) and Lord of 12th house also mars is enemy for venus so venus is Melific for Scorpion.

Neutral For Scorpion—
Mars—Mars is Lord of 6th house(Melific) and 1st house(benific) so it is Neutral for Scorpion.

Saturn–Lord of 3rd house(Melific) and Lord of 4th house(Benific due to Kendradipati Dosh) so it is Neutral for Scorpion.

Marak—According to rule lord of 2na and 7th is Marak. But jupiter Genraly don’t give Marak effect for Scorpion due to its benific regarding Scorpion.
Venus is main Marak for Scorpion. Also due to Melific effect Mercury it is also produce Marak quality.

4)Body constitutions—
For Scorpion 1st house is scorpion rashi so Genraly they are tall(scorpion represent Tall height).They have good looking, big eyes and big face. They have good personality.

Health—Scorpion is a water rashi so Genraly they are suffering from Kapha Dosh. Mars is lagan lord it is Firey planet so some time Pitth Dosh also occurs in scorpion.

5)Mentality,Behaviour,and Nature—
Scorpion native 1st house is scorpion so they are hidden nature from Brain. No one guess what are in there brain.They are kind in mentality(Pisces 5th house indicating there kindness).
There emotional level is very high(Scorpion water sign indicating emotinol brain, Aquarius 4th house mind also countain some water quality, 5th house Pisces a over sensitive emotinol rashi) so they are emotinol and sensitive. Mars is lagan lord so also they give some aggressiveness this aggressiveness mix with there emotion so they also show volatile quality or emotinol violent. Scorpion 1st house is fix sign so they are fix brain but there mentality house 5th house Dual sign so they show dual mentality this create problem for scorpion. So they are creating trouble for ownself and others. The dual sign of Pisces make him to behave like Fickle.
They are aggressive in speech (due to fire sign Sagittarious )but not so much aggressiveness. They have good passions (3rd house Capricorn indicating this). They are truthfull and honest.

4 thoughts on “Scorpion Ascendant

  1. Sir, am born in scorpio ascendant. Rahu is in 1st house(scorpio), saturn is in 4th house(Aquarius), Ketu is in 7th house(Taurus), venus is in 9th house(cancer), sun and moon in 10th house(Leo). Mars, Jupiter and mercury are in 11th house(virgo). Mars is varghothama in virgo and moon is in Varghothama in Leo. Few astrologers say that i may land in Government job due to sun and moon conjunction. Do you see any Government job for me in future. Right now am going through Moon Mahadasa-Jupiter antardasha. Also can you clarify how my mars is placed and mars mahadasa in general. Will Mars dasha give me financial upliftment.

  2. Sir I have venus and mars in 2nd house,saturn in 4th house,rahu in 12th house and other planets are in 1st house

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