Saturn In Second House

Saturn In Second House

1)Before knowing effect of Saturn In 2nd house first we have to know about Saturn and 2nd house.

2)Second house belongs to speech, wealth, family, face, eyes, food etc.
Saturn belongs to harsh temper, misfortune, unfair color, lazy or late ,etc.


3) Saturn in 2nd house is indicating native’s way of speaking is harsh. Saturn rules bhed nithi so Saturn in 2nd house is indicating native’s way of speaking is dividing or criticizing or just try to establish divide rule through his speech. This nature of speaking is creating problem fot the native.

4)Saturn shows downward glance, Shudra in varna and airy element so native shows his negativity through speech and this is very downgrade. Saturn is also indicating problem in speech (because Saturn is natural malefic) and may be suffering from mouth problem. But when Saturn is excellent or own sign it may be give some good results. As Saturn in 2nd house is indicating harsh speaking so native may be unsocial.

5) Saturn (own house,Mooltrikona and excellent sign) is indicating good results regarding face and eyes means fair color and good eyes. Other wise Saturn in 2nd house is not consider good regarding face and eyes. Native may has unfair look, no charm in face (Saturn rules old and ragged face) ,ugly face, looking old age( looks aged from actual age ).

6)Saturn is a natural malefic and belongs to delay. So when Saturn in 2nd house, native may earn wealth but through hard work. But success in accumulating wealth in only latter part of life (means at late age). Means Saturn in 2nd house is indicating very struggle regarding earning in starting age.

7)Saturn is karak of expenses so native may expense good so enjoying materialistic prosperity. Saturn in 2nd house is also indicating native may be suffering from loss of wealth through government.

8)Saturn belongs to misfortune so native may lose their chance to earnings means native may get a lot of opportunity to earn but doesn’t able to use this. Saturn in 2nd house is also indicating native may go to away from birthplace for earnings.

9)Saturn is belonging to dhatu (mineral ) categories so native may earn through metal, mince or other such type work. Saturn is belongs to lower class so native may be earn through lower work or from the help of lower class people such as labors.

10) Saturn in 2nd house is consider bad regarding family as it is most natural malefic. Saturn in 2nd house is indicating loss of family happiness . Native may be unhappy or sad. Saturn belongs to bhed nithi so Saturn in 2nd house is indicating fractions between family. But when Saturn is in moltrikona, excellent and  own sign results may be improve to good.

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