Ketu In Second House

Ketu In Second House

1)Before Knowing effect of ketu In 2nd house we have to know about Ketu and 2nd house.

2) 2nd house belongs to speech, face, eyes, wealth, family, learning’s, food. Ketu belongs to harsh, idealism, fanaticism, explosiveness, violence, philosopher attitude.


3)Ketu belongs to harsh manner so native may speak harshly. Ketu has tendency to explore inner truth of person through speech. Native doesn’t hesitate to speak bitter truth. Ketu in 2nd house, native doesn’t take to time to show your faults. Generally native doesn’t like by other due to all of this quality.

4)Ketu also belongs to explosive type temper so native is speaking explosive ways. So this is indicating quarrelsome nature of native. Ketu belongs to fanaticism so native may be fanaticism type in speaking. Ketu is also belonging to philosopher thoughts so native may be speak like philosopher type.

5)Ketu in 2nd house, native may has eye sight problem or eyes problem. Big or minor problem of eye sight depends on native chart.

6)Ketu belongs to fair color so native may has fair color but as Ketu is natural malefic so facial problem may  be possible. Native may be suffering from pimple or such type face problem. When ketu in 2nd house native may has harsh lookness on face.

7)Ketu is destroyer of materialistic matter so ketu in 2nd house is not consider good. But if ketu is well placed means in Scorpion, Pisces, or Sagittarius then it may be giving good results.

8)Ketu in 2nd house native may be suffering from frauds, fishing, legal problem, financial losses,loss from thief, or loss from fire. Native may suffering from debit. If ketu is well placed then evil effect may be reduced. Native may earns through hospital, religious work, sea business, occult works, or mysterious jobs.

9)ketu in 2nd house doesn’t consider good regarding family life. Ketu is planet of detachment so it may give detachment between family member. Quarrel between family member is also possible due to ketu in second house. Badly placed ketu may be indicating loss of family member but ketu is good placed then evil effect may reduced. Overall ketu in 2nd house is indicating native may be unhappy regarding family happiness.

10)2nd house also belongs to basic leanings so ketu in 2nd house is indicating native may facing problem regarding leanings. A chain of struggle in leanings may be possible due to ketu in 2nd house.

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