Jupiter In Second House

                                           Jupiter In Second House

1)Before the knowing effect of Jupiter in 2nd house we have to know about Jupiter and 2nd House.

2)2nd House belongs to speech, wealth, family, face and eyes. Jupiter belongs to wisdom, faith, mild tamper,fortune, wealth, growth, materialistic attitude.


3)Jupiter in 2nd house is indicating native will be mild in speaking. Native may be eloquent speaker. Jupiter is karak of wisdom so their speech also shows their wisdom. 2nd house belongs to oral learning so Jupiter in 2nd house, native will be good in oral Knowledge. Native may be good poet, good astrologer or good speaker.

4)Jupiter belongs to good conduct so native may has good conduct (which they show through their speaking).

5)Jupiter belongs to Sama Nithi (Counselling ) so they are show their ability to short out any matter through counselling means they don’t shows quarrel type attitude.

6)Jupiter in 2nd house is indicating native may be scientist or writers.

7)Jupiter belongs to fair looks so native has fair look and handsome face. Jupiter belongs to sincerity so native may be sincere in looks.

8)Jupiter is natural beneficial so native may has beautiful eyes. If Jupiter is in 2nd house then during dasha of Jupiter, if native has any eye problem then he comes over from eye problem.

9)Jupiter is Karak of wealth so 2nd house Jupiter is indicating native may be rich. Jupiter belongs to fortunes so native may get fortunes to earn wealth or money. Jupiter also belongs to materialistic approach so native may inclined to earning but try to earn through proper way. Native may has good quantities of ornaments or jewelry. Jupiter in 2nd house is also indicating financial conditions may improve during Jupiter dasha. Jupiter belongs to charity so native may earn through charity or expanse in charity.

10)Jupiter is natural beneficial so 2nd house jupiter is indicating native belongs to good family. Jupiter belongs to good moral so native’s family may have good morality.

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