Uttharphalguni Nakhshatra–Power Of Finding Truth From Own Knowledge



1)12th Nakhshatra

2)English Name– Beta Leones (Denebola)

3)Position– 26degree40minute Leo to10 degree Virgo

4)Rashi Lord- First pad lord is Sun and Last 3pad lord Is Mercury

5)Ruling Lord –Sun

6)Deity– Aryaman(One of Adityas)

7)Symbol – Bed

8)Varna– Kshatriya But in Kundali matching 1stpad is consider Kshatriya and Last 3pad is Consider Vaishya

9)Vashya– 1st pad is Chtuspad (Vanchar) and Last3pad is Manav (Dipad)

10)Gana– Manushya


13) Yoni– Cow(Gau)

14)Enemy Yoni– Tiger(Vyaghra)


16)Activities– Balanced

17)Nadi– Adi(Start)


19)Prakrithi– Samhara(Dissolution)




23)Lucky Letter– T, P

24)Lucky Colour– Bright Blue

25)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)–Punarvasu

26)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)– Mars Ruling Nakhshatra — Chitra, Dhanista, Mrigsira

27)Pratyari Nakhshatra–(5th)– Jupiter Ruling Nakhshatra– Vishaka, PurbBhadrapad; Punarvasu

28)Vadha Nakhshatra–(7th)– Mercury Ruling Nakhshatra– Jyestha, Revathi, Ashlesha

29)Friend Nakhshatra–(8th and 9th)– Ketu and Venus ruling Nakhshatra–Mola, Ashwani, Magha, Bharni, Purb Phalguni, Purbashada

30)Comfortability — Uttara Bhadrapad

31)UnComfortability –Chitra ,Vishaka

32)Physical — Medium Heights, Soft body, Fat figure and Attractive

33)Behaviour– Genraly same as Purbphalguni. Knowledgeable, Helpful, Kindness, Charitable but only after look of nessecery, sincere, Religious, Extremely Judging quality, Truth Finder through Own Knowledge, Respectful, Peaceful, Generally in settlement type, away from quarrel, Gentile, But lose temper, Egoistic, Comfort looker, Luxurious lover, Inclination towards Materialistic Desires, Restless, Mentally Sexual, Hard worker.

34)Profession –Scientific Research, Astronomy, Astrology, Military related jobs, Armed force, Social worker ,Media, Acting, Writing, Sales, Business, Financial.

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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