Punarvasu –Birth Nakhshatra Of My Lord Shri Ram



1)7th Nakhshatra

2)English Name — Geminorium

3)Position– 20degree Gemini(Mithun) to 3degree20MinuteCancer(Karka)

4)Rashi Lord– First 3pad of Punarvasu rashi lord is Mercury and For Last pad rashi lord is Moon

5)Ruling Lord —Jupiter

6)Diety — Goddess Adithi(Mother of 12Adityas)

7)Symbol — Bow and Quiver of Arrow

8)Varna— Vaishya but in kundali matching first 3pad which falls in Gemini is consider Shudra and lastpad which falls in Cancer is consider Brahman

9)Vashya– First 3pad is Manav(Dipad) and last Pad is Jalachar


11)Nature– Char(Moveable)





16)Enemy Yoni– Mushak(Rat)

17)Direction– Sideways

18)Genders– Male




22)Colour– Grey or Lead

23)Lucky Letter–K, H

24)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)–Bharni

25)UnComfortability — Magha PurbPhalguni

26)Comfortability — Ashlesha(But it is also 3rd category forPunarvasu)

27)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)– Ashlesha, JYESTHA, REVATHI(MERCURY RULING)

28)Pratyari Nakhshatra(5th)–Purbphalguni, Purbashada, Bharni(Venus ruling Nakhshatra)

29)Vadha Nakhshatra(7th)–Hasta, Sharavana, Rohni (Moon Ruling)

30)Friend Nakhshatra(8th and 9th )–Mars and Rahu Ruling Nakhshatra–Chitra, Swathi, Dhanista, Shatbhisha, Mrigsira, Adra

31)Physical— Medium built, seniors Looks, Handsome

32)Behavior– Jupiter is ruling lord and water Tatvas that’s indicating– Spiritual, Religious, Well knowledge, Lack of Materialistic approach, Good heart, Truthfully, Nobility, Purity
Punarvasu name means recreation and it is Shrishti Prakrithi Nakhshatr that’s why— No negativity (my means always Happy in any difficult situation), Power of Renew any thing or any matter @ any stage, so some time also its indicating Fickle nature, Challenge Lover,
Also they are good in communication, Hidden/Inner secret Nature, Helpful to other

33)Profession — Spiritual teacher, PUJARIES, Any work related to religious activity, Psychologist, Mystic , Philosopher(all this due to Jupiter )
Power of Re creation that’s why–Architecture, Civil Engineer, New idea, Maintenance work, Writing, Scientists,
Rashi Lord is mercury and moon that’s why –Acting, Drama, etc

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे

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