Mrigsira The Searchers Nakhshatra



1)5th Nakhshatra

2)English Name– Orionis

3)Position— 23degree 20Minute Tarush(Vrish) to 6degree 40Minute Gemini(Mithun) Rashi

4)Rashi lord–First 2pad of Mrigsira falls in Tarush so rashi lord of those pad is Venus and Last 2pad falls in Gemini so rashi lord of those pad is Mercury

5)Ruling Lord –Mars

6)Deity of Mrigsira — Soma Dev(which is another name of Chandra(Moon)dev)

7)Symbol– Deer’s Head/ also consider as Hunter

8)Caste(Varna)–Servent(Saivak) But in Kundali matching first 2pad is consider as Vaishya and Last 2pad is Consider as Shudra

9)Vashya– First 2pad is Chtuspad and Last 2pad is Manav

10)Gana–Dev Gan

11)Yoni–Sarp(Snacks )

12)Enemy Yoni–Nakul





17)Gender — Neuter

18)Nature — Mridu(Soft)

19)Activity — Passive




23)Lucky Letter–V,K

24)Most Comfortable — Rohni

25)Most Uncomfortable –Uttaraashada

27)Most Bad Nakhshatra(23th position)– Revathi

28)Friend Nakhshatra(8th and 9th position)– Nakhshatra ruling by Sun and Moon– Krittika, Uttherphalguni, Utherashada; Rohni, Hasta, Sharavana

29)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)– Jupiter Ruling Nakhshatra– Punarvasu, Vishka, PurbBhadrapad

30)Vadha Nakhshatra— (7th)Venus ruling Nakhshatra– Purbphalguni, Purbashada, Bharni

31)Pratyari Nakhshatra–(5th) —
Mercury ruling Nakhshatra –Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revathi

32)Physical– Good looking, tall, strong body

33)Behavior— Symbol is dear that’s indicating — Active, Searchers(Meaning always try search new thing/Matter, Knowledge seeking), Alert(Always alert regarding upcoming Dangers), Doubting Nature, Suspicious, Observer
Nature is Mridu— that’s indicating Soft speech, Good speech, Gentile man behaviours, Clean heart,
Other Behaviours — Action oriented, Brilliant minded, Sensitive, Ashant Chitth(Mentally trouble), Selfish, Restless, Nervously nature, Sharp, Romantic, Sexually very active.

34)Profession– Writer, Researcher, Architect, Administration, Actor, Music, Teacher, Poets, Astrologer, Engineers, Communicators, Real Estate, Travel related jobs, Textiles, Garments, Tailors, Animals trainer.

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