Bharni Nakhshatra -Destroyers and Creator

Bharni Nakhshatra

1)English Name–Arietis/Muscae

2)Rashi Locations–From 13degree 20 minute to 26degree 40minute In Aries(Mesh)

3)Rashi Lord– Mars

4)Nakhshatra ruling Lord– Venus

5)Deity(Devatha) of Nakhshatr–Yama Dev(Lord of Death)

6)Symbol–Yoni(Female sexual organs )


8)Vashya–Chtuspad(Four legged)


10)Yoni –Gaj(Elephant)

11)Enemy Yoni–Singh(Lion)

12)Colour—Blood Red

13)Lucy letter—L


15)Physical Appearance – Large Beautiful Expressive Eyes, Broad Face, Large Neck, Mesmerizing smile

16)Behaviour – Experimental (Creating,Nutrition and destroying type), Luxurious, Over attraction toward opposite sex, Sentimental regarding Loss of own, Jealousy, Transformation, Multiple interest in all matter, Criticism(Because no control of express own opinion), Time waster regarding unusual matter, POWER of Jude right or wrong, Morality, Good Heart.

17)Profession–As Bharni is power of both Mars and Venus so its show mixture of both in profession area, My mean a venus work where u need A good strength or express yourself such as Singing, Dancing, Acting, Painting, Surgeons, Administration, Experimental jobs, Bussiness man, due to there Experimental nature possibility of many type work they do (means just like job changer), Law worker.

18)Most bad Nakhshatra— Shatbhisha

19)Vipat nakhshatra(3rd nakhshatr)- For Bharni it is Moon ruling Nakhshatra–
Rohni; Hasta; Sharavana

20)Pratyari Nakhshatr(5th Nakhshatra)— For Bharni it is Rahu Ruling Nakhshatr– Adra, Swathi, and Shatbhisha

21)Vadha Nakhshatr(7th Nakhshatr)–For Bharni it is Saturn Ruling Nakhshatra–Pushya ,Anuradha, UttaraBhadrapad

22)Friend Nakhshatr– MERCURY AND KETU ruling Nakhshatra is friend for Bharni— Ashwani, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, Moola, Revathi

23)Rest Nakhshatra is consider Good and Neutral

24)Bharni is 2nd Nakhshatra of 27 nakhshatra.

25)Bharni is most Brighting and Active in 27 nakhshatra.

26)Bharni is under Category Balance Nakhshatra

27)Bharni Is A Female Nakhshatra

28)Bharni indicating Pitta dosh

29)Bharni Is A Ugra(AGRASIVE/fierce/Severe)Nakhshatr

30)Gun–Tamsaic Nakhshatra



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