Ashlesha The Poisoning Nakhshatra

41648825 ASHLESHA

1)9th Nakhshatra

2)English Name– Hydrae

3)Position–16degree 40minutes Cancer to 30degree Cancer

4)Rashi Lord–Moon

5)Ruling Lord– Mercury

6)Deity— Nag Dev(Lord of Snacks)

7)Symbol– Coiled Serpent

8)Varna– Mlecchas but in Kundali Matching Brahman

9)Vashya– Jalachar

10)Gana– Rakhsasa

11)Gun– Sattivic(Sato)


13)Activity– Active

14)Prakrithi– Samhara(Dissolution)

15)Direction– Downwards Nakhshatra

16)Gender– Female

17)Dosh– Kapha Dosh

18)Nature– Trikhsna(Sharp)

19)Lucky Colour — Black–Red

20)Lucky Letter –D

21)Yoni — Marjar(Cat)

22)Enemy Yoni– Mushak(Rat)


24)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)– Rohni

25)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)– Venus ruling Nakhshatra– Purbphalguni, Purbashada, Bharni

26)Pratyari Nakhshatra(5th)— Moon ruling Nakhshatra– Hasta, Sharavana, Rohni

27)Vadha Nakhshatra(7th)– Rahu Ruling Nakhshatra– Swathi, Shatbhisha, Adra

28)Friend Nakhshatra(8th and 9th)– Jupiter and shani ruling Nakhshatra –Vishka, Anuradha, Purbbhadrapad, UttaraBhadrapad, Punarvasu, Pushya

29)Most comfortable — Punarvasu

31)Most UnComfortable — Magha and Purbphalguni

32)Behavior — Its deity is Nag Dev that’s why its behavior contain Nag quality such as Shy, Insecure feeling, Quick reactive, Hidden nature, Show case is soft but very dangerous in inner heart, Suspicious nature, Emotional, Dishonesty; Shameless, Independence lover
Due to moon and mercury and water Nakhshatra — Confusion in emotions, Good calculations and planning power, Cool but short Temper, angry, Intelligent, Attracting capacity, Ungratefully nature Such as Paltibaaj, Ambitious, Negativity.

33)PROFESSION– Any work which is related to poison, Any work related to snakes, Mysticism, Astrology, Politics, Business, Law related work, Entertainment.

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे ।

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