Adra The confuside Nakhshatra


Adra Nakhshatra

1)6th Nakhshatra

2)English Name—Alfa Orionis

3)Position –6degree40minutes Gemini to 20degree Gemini

4)Rashi Lord— Mercury

5)Ruling Lord or Guided by planetiry force of Rahu

6)Diety— Lord Rudra(Destroyer Form of Lord Shivji)

7)Symbol– A tear drop

8)Meaning of Adra– Moist/Wet/Charged with water

9)Adra is also consider as Goddess Of Fortune

10)Varna– Butcher, But In kundali matching it is consider as Shudra



13)Prakrithi– Samharak(Dissolution)

14)Direction– Upward

15)Gender– Female

16)Nadi– Adi(Start)






22)Enemy Yoni–Mrig(Deer)



25)Lucky Letter–K,G,N,C

26)Comfortable Nakhshatra– Mola(its due to same yoni)

27)UnComfortability –Anuradha and Jyestha

28)Bad Nakhshatra(23th)— Ashwani nakhshatra

29)Vipat Nakhshatra(3rd)– Shani Ruling Nakhshatra—Pushya, Anuradha, Utterbhadra

30)Pratyari Nakhshatra — Ketu Ruling Nakhshatra– Magha,Mola,Ashwani

31)Vadha Nakhshatra– Sun ruling Nakhshatra— Uttherphalguni, Uttaraashada, Krittika

32)Friend Nakhshatra— Moon and mars Ruling Nakhshatra– Hasta, Rohni, Chitra, Sharavana, Dhanista, Mrigsira

33)Behavior — Symbol of Adra is A tear drop and moist that indicating they are Extremely Emotional, Confuside or Flicker type person
Deity is lord Rudra that’s indicating there Spiritual nature also regarding Renunciation, also they may be cruel or angry type ( stage up to destroyers way).
Ruling Lord is Rahu and rashi lord is Mercury that’s indicating good communicate, Hidden thinking, Imagination capacity(due to rahu as power of inside), Doubting nature, double thinker, Fear, Suffering, Hard worker regarding own goals ,
Apart from this they are helpful, power to attracting people due to there own act. Very aggressiveness Minded.

35)Profession– Mercury as rashi lord that’s why—–Transport, Communication, Trade and commerce, FINANCIAL jobs.
Water nakhshatra indicating Shipping industry, and jobs related to water but also related to communications.
Rahu is ruling Nakhshatra that’s indicating— Double talking, cheating, And fraud related jobs which belongs to community such as politicians, Sales person, etc.
LORD RUDRA is deity that’s indicating Work with destroyer energy such as atomic research, Research regarding killing person or Jiva(also include Virus) such as Chemicals formulated jobs in medical line or any other work which belongs to destroy. You may add many profession which belongs to quality of Adra maintain in above.

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