Tips of the day – 14/09/18

Tips of the day Mostly we ignore Navtara Concept in prediction. Some some time it is very useful to know about results of Dasha. Even meaning of Each Navtara giving awesome indication of results.

Tips of the day – 13\09\18

Tips of the Day Retro planet will give the results of Previous house but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give results of house where it is placed. It means Retro planet will give the results of both house ( where it is placed and previous sign). Here motion of retro is very important….

Tips of the day – 12/09/18

Tips of the day It is mostly seen an Astrologer seen that your planet in Mrit Awastha then simply says that that planet will not able to give the results. But actually this is not like this. They used this because this is easy to calculate. Don’t come under in this type of trap’s….

Tips of the day – 11/09/18

Tips of the day If Sun is receiving bad influence by other planet ( Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Moon, ) then native may be suffering in front of health, confidence, promotion, administration, success and internal vitality.

Tips of the day – 08/09/18

Tips of the day Saturn is known as Karma karka and mostly we will focus on live hood. But Saturn is karma karaka means karka for Your Prabhadha. It’s transit to different sign is indicating what sort of results of Your karma , you have to experience.

Tips of the day – 07/09/18

Tips Of The Day Jupiter is prime karak of children but we have to also check Sun condition for children. If both Jupiter and Sun is afflicted in the chart then we need to do remedy for both Sun and Jupiter.

Tips of the day – 06/09/18

Tips of the Day When of the Rahu transit over Natal ketu, you may feel weak on the side of health. But in many times good for money matters. Health goes Down but wealth side you feel improvement.

Tips of the day – 04/09/18

Tips of the day – 04/09/18  Sun is the prime karak Planet for success in life. For a good growth and success, Sun must be well placed and having more than 4 Astakvarga in natal chart. As per as my little experience I have seen the person with 6 Astakvarga is getting more success in…