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First House Lord In Third House

1st house lord in 3rd house   1)Before knowing effect of 1st lord in 3rd house we have to know about First House  and Third House so you may read this. 2)3rd house belongs to strength so when Laganesh placed in 3rd house  native may be brave and courageous . Native may be full of strength. 3)3rd house belongs to own effort so when lagan lord is placed in 3rd house native may be success through own efforts. Native may be hard worker. He  works hard for getting success. So native achieve a successful life. Native become powerful. 4)3rd house belongs to siblings .1st lord in 3rd house indicating native  may have  not good relationship with his siblings. As native is with full strength so siblings assume native is quarrelsome. There may be dispute between them. But if lagan lord is well placed in 3rd house such as excellent sign,own sign,mooltrikona, friend sign then results may improve and there is good relationship between native and siblings. Native may got success through help of siblings. 5)As 3rd house is 6th from 10th house so its shows enemies in workplace or simply competitor in our professional life. When lagan lord placed in 3rd house native may be facing a lots of competition or having many competitor. If Laganesh is afflicted by natural beneficial planet then there may be good relationship  with native and competitor but if afflicted by natural melific then there may be not good relationship between native and competitor. 6)As 3rd belongs to Travel House so when 1st house lord placed in 3rd house native may go for living away from homeland . It may also indication of success in forigen land or living in forigenland or success away from homeland. 7)Laganesh in 3rd house indicating native may be sharp minded. Native may be famous as mathematics or singer according to horoscope. 8)As 3rd house is house of communication so native may be very skilled in communicating. 9)3rd house also belongs to Ayu(life span) so conditions  of Laganesh give indication regarding life span. If Laganesh is good placed in 3rd house then native have good life span and if afflicted in…

First House Lord In Second House

1st house lord in 2nd house 1)Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 2nd house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Dhan Bhav . So before reading forward please read about this 2houses. 2) As 2nd house is wealth house and lagan lord it self placed in 2nd house so native may be…

First House Lord In First House

1st house lord in 1st house 1)Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 1st house we have to know about Tanu Bhav . 2)1st house is lagan house and its lord is lagnesh.Actually lagan is our pran and its lord is our pranesh.When it is situated in 1st house then it is strong the pran of native….