Phaldipika Chapter 13 Part 1

Phaldipika Chapter 13 Part 1

1) When ever a child is born, first scholar astrologer must look about life span of child.

After looking life span, Astrologer looks others matters such as good Yog, Rajyog etc. If life span is not good then all others good Yog is not fruitful.

2) Some people consider Adhan lagan for all prediction.

Some people consider birth lagan for Prediction.

But it has also different different views on taking account for birth lagan.

a) the time when head is coming during delivery.

b) the time when body of children is touch to ground ( all body is out from mother)

c) the time when his navel cord is cut from mother.

Note: It is more acceptable views that cutting of cord or first independent breathing is taken as account for birth lagan.

3) Upto age of 12, it is not consider good by looking age if native via mathematical Calculations.

The child may be died due to sinful acts of mother or father or balarist yog.

4) Up to age of 4 child may be died due to Sinful act of mother.

From 4 to 8 year child may be died due to Sinful act of father.

From 8 to 12 year child may be died due to own past life karma or dosh or any other current own acts.

5) For as a remedy for any short of above dosh, native has to perform Jap, Homa, donation at every year or every month on his birthday or birth Nakshtra.

Also perform rituals which is improving life span.

And at the same time must do medical treatment etc for saving children.

6) 0 to 8 year is under influence of balarist yog.

Upto 20 year Arist Yog.

Upto 32 Alpayu Yog.

Upto 70 Madhayu Yog.

Upto 100 Purnayu Yog.

This is considered from old time.

7) 100 year is considered for Purnayu for a man. So we can divide it in 3 part. So Up to 33 year Alpayu Yog, 67 Madhyayu Yog, after that Dirghayu Yog consider. This is acceptable by all Scholar.