Phaldipika Chapter 11 Part 3

Impact of Birth Nakshtra of Women

9) If female born under Jyesta Nakshtra then she may be harmful for her husband elder siblings.

If female born in Mula Nakshtra then harmful for her father in law.

If female born in Ashlesha Nakshtra then harmful for her mother in law.

If female born in Vishaka Nakshtra then harmful for her husband Younger siblings.

All this according to shastra written by Scholar ( means author give responsibility to his previous author regarding this type of prediction).

The girl born in Chitra, ardra, satabhisha, Jyesta, Moola, Krittika or Pushya may be poor, widow, lack of happiness of children, lack of happiness of husband or barren.

Fortunate wife

If in a female horoscope , lagnesh, moon, 7th house lord and 9th house lord is placed in auspicious house with strong in strength and aspected by natural beneficial planet then she brings name and fame, respect, fortune for family. She has best qualities and skillful in works. She will be dear to her husband and gives happiness of Son.

If in above case 8th house has associated with natural beneficial planet and without association of malific planet then more happiness is possible.

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