Phaldipika Chapter 11 Part 1

1)We have to judge female horoscope in same ways as we done for male horoscope. If any results is not applicable to female then it will be obtaining by his husband.

Mangaly sukh or happiness after marriage is seen from 8th house in female horoscope. Happiness of children is seen by 9th house. We have to examine the beauty of female native from her lagan. From 7th house we have to consider happiness or sexual happiness by husband. From 4th house we have to consider her friendship and conduct is seen by 4th house.

If above said bhav(1st,7th,8th,4th,9th ) has natural beneficial planet then it is considered auspicious for above matters. If malefic then it may cause for evil regarding above method.

2) If lagna and moon both are in even sign and both are aspected by natural beneficial planet then she has soft nature, best conduct, looking attractive, best friends, endowed with sons and happiness of husband.

if both lagna and moon in odd sign and aspected by natural malefic then she has nature like man, crooked mentality, harsh and hot tempered, fighting attitude. She may be not respectful to her husband and lack of prosperity.

3)If 7th house has benifical sign, benifical Navansh then her husband may be wealthy, handsome and knowledgeable.

If 7th house has cruel sign and cruel navmasa then her husband will be ugly in looking, idiot or rigid in nature, fraudulent and poor. It may also cause for separation with husband.

If 7th house has firey planet such as Sun, Mars and ketu or malific conjuct mercury then she may be become window.

If 7th house has mixed planet then she may be remarry.

If malific planet in 8th house then loss of husband is possible.

If malific in 2nd house then women may be short lifed.

If 7th house is aspected by natural beneficial planet then it is auspicious. If 7th house has natural malific planet and aspected by natural beneficial planet then evil effect may reduced.

4) If in a female horoscope 5th house has Moon in Taurus, leo, scorpion and virgo then native has limited number of children.

If 7th house Navansh will be fall in Saturn sign( capricious or Aquarish), Mars sign ( Aries or scorpion) or Sun (leo sign) then female has disease related to sexual organes.

If 4th house has natural malific planet then she may be kulta or unsocial nature.

If all 3, Venus, lagan and Moon in the sign or navmasa of Saturn or Mars then she has relationship with another woman.

5) If 7th house has benifical sign and Navansh then she will be fortunate and bring all sorts of prosperity after marriage.

If moon is placed in benifical sign and Navansh or associated with benifical planet then she is also fortunate.

If lagan, Moon and 4th house has benifical sign and benifical Navansh and aspected or conjucted by natural beneficial planet then she may best conduct and full with best qualities.

If benifical planet is placed in 5th and 9th house then she has good comfort, happiness, prosperity and sons.

If lagan, Moon, 4th and 7th house has weak malific planet then she doesn’t able to bring happiness of son.

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