Phaldipika Chapter 8 Part 5 

Effect Of Jupiter in different Bhav 

14)When Jupiter in lagan then Native will be charming and attractive. He will be famous. He will be longlived. He will be without any fear. He has good Children. 

When Jupiter in 2nd house, he will be eloquent in speaking. He will enjoy good foods. He may be handsome in look. He will be wealthy. He will be faithful in his speaking. 

When Jupiter in 3rd house, Native will not obeyful. He will be miserable in nature. His siblings will be famous. He has wicked mentality. He will be Suffering from humiliation. 

When Jupiter in 4th house, native will has happiness of mother, friends, clothes & ornaments, children, wife, comfort, foods etc. 

When Jupiter in 5th house, native may be suffering from mental stress regarding children. He may be secretary of king. He may be very intelligent. 

When Jupiter in 6th house, Native will be lazy. He may be destroy his enemies. He may be depends on others. He will be expert in using mantra. 

When Jupiter in 7th house, Native will has best wife and children. He is very inclined towards Materialistic happiness. He will be fortunate. He is more libreal then his father. 

When Jupiter in 8th house, Native will be suffering in his life and helpless. He may be servants for all life. He may be longlived. He may has bad fortune. 

16)When Jupiter in 9th house, native will be fortunate. He may be secretary or Minister. He may be wealthy having children. He may be interested in religious deeds. 

When Jupiter in 10th house, native will has good moral conduct. He may be very popular regarding his good qualities. He is wealthy and dear to king. 

When Jupiter in 11th house, Native will be Wealthy. He is without any sorts of fear. He has little children. He has happiness of vehicles. 

When Jupiter in 12th house, Native will be jelious in nature. He may be suffering from humiliation. He may be expense his words. He is without Children. He is Spiritual. He may be lazy. He may be servant. 

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