Phaldipika Chapter 8 Part 4

Effect Of Mercury in Different House

11)When Mercury in lagan, native will be long lived. He may be learned person. He is pleasant and clever in speaking. He has knowledge of all sorts of Sastra. 

When Mercury in 2nd house, Native will earn via own intelegency. He may be poet and having very clear voice. He will enjoying delicious foods. 

Mercury in 3rd house, native will be brave and courgeous. He has medium life span. He has best relationship with his siblings and having good siblings. He will be hard worker. But he has some internal fear. 

Mercury in 4th house, Native will be expert in Calculations. He may be expert in talking regarding own work. He has good friends. He will enjoying happiness of comfort, friends, land, property, wealth, and materialistic happiness. 

12)When Mercury in 5th house, Native will get knowledge, happiness and braveness. He has many kids. He may be Yantric (one who has very best knowledge of tricks and technique). 

When Mercury in 6th house native will has hot tempar. He may be argumentive. He may be jealous. He may crushed his enemies via power. He may be lazy.  He may be harsh in speech. 

Mercury in 7th house, Native will be Scholar. He has awesome looks. He will be popular for his greatness. His wife may be wealthy. 

Mercury in 8th house, native will be very popular. He will be longlived. He will bring growth for his family for all matters. He may has power of punishment.

13) Mercury in 9th house, Native will be knowledgeable, wealthy, having good conduct and religious. Native will be very skilled in all matters and eloquent speaker. 

Mercury in 10th house, native will be getting success in all his startup. He has best knowledge, strength, comfort. He will be doing best deeds and truthful. 

Mercury in 11th house, Native will be long lived. He will always standup on his words. He is very wealthy. He has having good comfort. He will be endowed with servants. 

Mercury in 12th house, Native will be suffering in his life. He may be deviod from knowledge. He may be suffering from humiliation for whole life. He may be cruel and lazy. 

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