Phaldipika Chapter 7 Part 1

1)If 3 or 4 planet is placed in Kendra in own house or exaltation sign or Mooltrikona then Native will be famous just like King. If he born in Royal family then he will be definitely king. If born in ordinary family then may gets prosperity just like King. 

If a Native has 5 planet in exaltation sign or Mooltrikona sign or own house in Kendra then ordinary family born native will also become king with power, position and prosperity. 

2)If a person born in royal family and doesn’t have any Duryog (means not any planet is afflicted by dusthan lord and dusthan lord will be in dusthan) and not any planet is combust by sun and having all planet has good Rashmi then person must become king. 

If a person born in Royal family and even only 3 planet is own house or exaltation sign then he will be become king. But ordinary family born people become gets prosperity like King but if time is supported him then he may also become king. 

3)If a planet is with very good brightness (very good Rashmi) and not combust and placed in auspicious house and retrograde in motion then he is able to make a person equal to king even that planet is debilitated. 

If 2 or 3 planet in such like condition then he may be become King. 

If 2 or 3 planet is placed in auspicious sign in Navansh chart or in good amsa then then Person Enjoying royal prosperity in his life.

If more than 3 planet in above conditions then he may be a king with power and Position.

4)If a person who is born in Royal family and 2 or 3 planet having Directional strength (Digbal) then he will be king who always getting victory.

If except Saturn any 5 or 4 planet having Directional strength then even person born in ordinary family become king.

5)If lagan and  Moon in Vargottam navmasa and lagan is aspected more than 4 planet other than Moon then even a ordinary people become a king.

6)The person whose lagnesh is Vargottam and placed in Kendra, own house, own Mooltrikona sign and exaltation sign and 9th house in own house, own exaltation sign or in lagan then Native will be king who has awesome prosperity and power. 

7)Moon has Pakshbal and aspected by planet who is own house or exaltation then even in person and under ordinary family become getting prosperity equal to king. 

If Moon is belong to Purnima (and without any sort of affliction) and placed in Kendra other than lagan then Native will be king with good prosperity. 

8)Venus in Ashwani Nakshtra and placed in lagan and aspected by 3 planet then he will be king who gets victory over enemies.

If Venus in 2nd house with lagnesh and we’ll placed then will be equal to king.

9)If Mars in lagan in Aries/Leo or Sagittarius sign or either Sun/ Jupiter / Moon aspected Mars then native will be become equal to king in prosperity. 

If 9th house lord in 10th and 10th house lord in 9th house then Native will be king. It is a very powerful Rajyog.

10)Sun and Moon in Sagittarius sign in middle or before 15° and lagan has strong Saturn (may be in libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarish sign) and Mars is placed in Capricorn sign then Native will be very brave king. Who is powerful just like enemies run away after hearing his name.

11)If Full Moon without afflicted by any upgrah or shadow planet is placed in Leo Navmasa and kendra has only auspicious planet without association with natural malefic then Native will be equal to king in wealth.

12) If Moon belong to Purnima without any affliction and at least 3 planet in own Navansh (but not ill placed in D1 ) and aspected by benifical planet then he is become king who is kill his enemies. 

13)If Moon is placed in Uttam Navansh (own house, friend house or exaltation sign or Vargottam) and aspected by strongest planet and lagan has no malific planet then Native will be virtuous king. 

14)If Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon, any of 3 placed in 9th house with brilliant rays and associated with friendly planet then native will be become a great king who is workship like God. 

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