Sun In Fifth House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

Sun In 5th House 


When Sun in 5th house, Native may be deviod from happiness and wealth. It may cause reduction of life span. He has lack of happiness of children. He has very best intelegency. He may be lives in Forest. 

Jatak Parijat  

Sun in 5th house, Native will be dear to authorities and king. He may be fickle minded and traveller.


When Sun in 5th house, Native will be deviod from happiness, Children, money. He may be doing agriculture acts. He has inclination towards mountain and others such type of hills or forts. He will be good servants and having fickle mind. He will be Scholar but lack of strength. He may be short lifed. 


Sun in the fifth house is indicating native may be unsteady man who commits crimes for his children and relatives.

Vridh Yavan Jatak  

When Sun in 5th house, Native will be has few children, he will be deviod from affection or love. He may be inclination towards wicked acts. He will be sensual from nature. He may be suffering from excess pittha elements. He has many antiparty. 

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