Phaldipika Chapter 4 Part 5 

Chandra Kriya and their effect 

1)Note the Nakshtra where Moon occupy. 

2)Note the arc which is passed by Moon.

3)As we know that One Nakshtra is equal to 13°20′ arc. 60 part of it is represt 1 Chandra Kriya means arc is 0°13’20”. Means Chandra Kriya is 60 in number. 

4) For know about which Chandra Kriya is running on that time we just divide passing portion of Moon in  Nakshtra via 60. Take whole number and add 1(only when we have reminder). That Number represent Chandra Kriya.
Effect of Chandra Kriya 

1) Fallen from his position, go way from his birth place, immoral

2)Tapasvi or  Spiritual or 

3)Interested in another woman


5)Grand vehicle owner

6)Great post just like King on his Throne.

7)King or leader of public

8)One who destroy his enemies

9)One who has power to give punishment 


11)Having disability

12)The person who has not a head or not having any honour or very lower in acts so will able to get death penalty

13)Having serious injuries in hands or legs

14)One who like a person who gets jails

15)Destroyer or getting lost


17)One who has knowledge of Veda

18)Lazy or always wants to sleep

19)Having best moral conduct


21)Born in Royal family

22)One who has relationship with treasury

23)Royal person by birth 


25)Killer of his enemies

26)Sick from health 

27)Getting defeat from his enemies

28)One who leave his home land


30)One whose wealth is lost 

31) MP or MLA 

32)Best advisor or Minister

33) One who handle another property

34) With own wife

35)Suffering via elephants

36)Fear from war

37)Suffering from fear 

38) Secret activities 

39)One who gives foods

40)Suffering via fire 

41) suffering from hunger 

42)Enjoyment of foods


44)Non Vegetarian

45)Wounds by weapon


47)One with ball in hand 



50) Suffering from sorrows 

51)One who is led down on bed 

52) Very brave even enemies also giving respect from heart in his braveness

53) With his friends


55)With women

56)Sweets liker 

57)One who has happiness of milk

58)Religious and charitable

59)Healthy and without any problems

Now we take a example chart.

As you look Moon in Aries sign at 4°17’24” so Moon in Ashwani Nakshtra and passed 4°17’24”. 

4°17’24” = 257’24” = 15444″ 

Now divide by 800 (13’20″= 800) 

We get 19.305 so we can say 20th Chandra Kriya will running. So

Impact will be Native may be religious.

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