Phaldepika Chapter 4 Part 1


There is 6 type of bal or strength of planer.

1)Kal Bal

2)Chesta Bal

3)Uccha Bal

4) Digbal

5) Ayanabal

6)Sthan Bal

1)Kal Bal – This is Strength of planet according to current time. 

Strength according to day-night

A) Mars, Moon and Saturn are strong in night time. 

B)Sun, Jupiter, Venus are strong in Day time.

C) Mercury is strong in both Day and Night time.

Strength according to Paksha 

A) Natural benificial planet(brighter Moon, Jupiter, Venus and benificial Mercury) is strong in Shukla pakhsha.

B) Natural malific planet(Sun, Mars, Saturn, dark moon, malific Mercury) is strong in Krishna Paksha.

Strength according to year to hora 

A)Lord of year (1 day of lord in 1st day of year) is getting Natural strength of 25% in own year. 

B)Lord of Month (1st day lord of month) is getting Strength of 50% in own year. 

C) Lord of day is getting Strength of 75% in own day.

D) Lord of Hora is getting Strength of 100% in own hora.

2)Chesta Bal 

A)Moon in Purnima has full Chesta Bal. 

B)Sun is getting Chesta Bal in Uttarayna.

C) Retrograde Planet is getting full Chesta Bal.

D)The planet which is getting victrory over war is getting full Chesta Bal. ( Planet with higher degree and having full light will win in war)

3)Uccha Bal 

Excellent planet will gets full uccha Bal. 

4) Digbal 

Mars and Sun has Digbal in 10th house.

Venus and Moon has Digbal in 4th house.

Mercury and Jupiter has digbal in 1st house. 

Saturn has digbal in 7th house.

5)Ayan Bal 

Mercury, Saturn and Moon is getting Ayan Bal in Dakshina ayana. (Cancer to Sagittarius Sign) .

Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars is getting Strength in Uttara ayna.

6)Sthan Bal 

A)If any planet is in excellent, mooltrikona, own house, friend house and getting Strength in Shadvarga then they has sthan Bal.

B)If any planet in kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house) then they have 100% Sthanbal.

If any planet in Panphar house (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th) then they have 50% Strength.

If any planet in Apolkmit house (3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th house) then they have 25% Strength.

C)Male planet getting Strength in 1st drekkana.

  Female planet is getting Strength in 3rd drekkana.

  Neuter planet is getting a in 2nd drekkana. 

D) Natural Strength of planet is increasing as follow , Saturn then Mars then Mercury then Jupiter then Venus then Moon then Sun. Means Saturn is least bali and Sun is most Bali. 

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