Moon In First House According To Classical Book Of Astrology

When Moon in Lagan and belong to Shukla Paksha(Waxing Moon) then native may has very strong physique. He will be long lived. He will be fearless. He will be has good in physical strength. He may has strong financial condition.

But If Moon in lagan belong to Krishna paksha(waning Moon) then results may be opposite. Means he has not good physical constitution. He may has health problems. He will be suffering from fear. He has not good physical strength. He may has unstable financial condition.

Jatak Parijat 

Moon in lagan and if it is waning (Krishna paksha) then native may be not able to hear. He has defective body limbs and depending on others just like servants.

Waning Moon in lagan and conjunction with Paap planet(Rahu, ketu, Mars and Saturn) then native may has low vitality and low life span.

Moon in lagan in own sign or excellent then native may be wealthy, famous, and very beautiful.

Moon in lagan is for Purnima(full moon) then native may be long lived, very beautiful in appearance and learned person.


Moon in Ascendant and placed in Cancer Sign(own house), Taurus Sign (Excellent sign) and Aries sign then native will be liberal, having very beautiful appearance , wealth and enjoying all sorts of comfortablity.

But if Moon in ascendant other than above sign then he will be very fickle minded, wicked and deaf (hearing problems) and stress full and shows unnecessary aggressiveness and fool and his financial condition may decreasing.


Moon in Ascendant is indicating native may fierce in nature. He has short in height. He has deformed body limbs. He has defective body in his back. He may be suffering from paralysis. He may be problems in speaking so looks like dumb.

But if Moon in lagan in Aries, Taurus and Cancer Sign then native may has beautiful body and appearance. He will be famous and virtuous person. 

Vridh Yavanjatakm 

When full Moon in lagan, native may has good fortune and very handsome.

But when decreasing Moon in lagan, native may has detected body limbs or lean body. He will be endowed with many sinful acts. He will have no supports. He will has not good friends.

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