Mars In First House According To Classical Book Of Astrology


Mars in 1st house may cause injured body physique. Native may be very cruel. He may be short life span. He may be short in height. He may be wealthy. He may be brave.

Jataka Parijat 

Mars in 1st house is indicating native may be cruel. He is courageous. He may be wandering in nature. He may be very fickle. He may be sick by body physique.


Mars in lagan is indicating native will be cruel. He may be interested in braveful acts. He may be not fully active regarding intelligence. He may be short lived. He may be very self proudy. He is very courageous. His body physique may be injured. He has good physique(regarding muscular constitution). He is crooked. He may be fickle minded.


Mars in lagan is indicating native may be firecy in nature. He may be addicted to getting injuries. He may also addicted to speaking lies. He may addicted to doing thievery acts. He may creating obstruction. He may be short in height. His eyes and skin are reddish. He may be unstable in nature. He may be weak due to defect in body limb.

Vridh Yavanjatakam 

When Mars in 1st house native may be suffering from disease related to blood. He may be suffering regarding physical happiness. He may be suffering from Pitta and Vatta related disease. He has not good body physique. He has not good physical strength. He has not so much intelligencency.

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