Introduction Of Ashtakvarga

Ashtakvarga is important concept of Our vedic astrology.  First we know the meaning of Ashtakvarga. Ashtakvarga is made from 2words Ashtak and Varga. Ashtak means 8 and Varga means group. So Ashtakvarga stand for 8 group. Now 8 belong to 7 planet( Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) and Lagan. Group stand for Impact of all above planet with 8 group. 

As we know that we primarily used Lagan chart and Moon chart for our prediction. But As we creating Moon chart or Lagan chart, in same ways we may creating Sun chart, Mars chart, Mercury chart, Jupiter chart, Venus chart and Saturn chart. So finally we have 8chart. It is very lengthy and time killing process to jujde every chart in individual basis. 

As sage knows in Kaliyug Man has not so much intelligence and capabilities to jujde all those. So they develop a easy way to find the effect of all chart. This way is known as Astakvarga. 

Basic of Astakvarga is Rekha and Bindu. Planet in any chart (means any 8th chart, 7planet chart and lagan chart) placed any where(means any house) must give impact on all 12th house. Some where it’s give positive impact which is Known as Rekha and some where negative impact which is Known as Bindu. All Astakvarga is based on this Positive Points (Rekha) and Negative point(Bindu). Details regarding this we know in future.

For Example Moon is placed in 9th house in lagan chart then it’s give positive point(Rekha) in 11th house,2nd house,6th house and 7th house in lagan chart. and other houses Moon gives negative impact(Bindu). This process is follow in all other chart with certain rules. And finally we make a chart to conclude Moon effect for particular chart.

With above process we calculate for all other 7th(including lagan).

And finally we make a chart which is Known as Astakvarga chart.

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