Importance Of Ashtakvarga 

Ashtakvarga is a very important in this Kaliyug for know the accurate predictions. Now we know from some classical book regarding important of Ashtakvarga.

From Ashtakvarga Nibhandh By Mukund

संयुक्त: समकर्मणां फलैज्ञैं: प्राचीनै: परिकीर्तितोअ्ष्टवर्ग:।

विज्ञानं विदुषाअन्यथा फलानां दुर्ज्ञेयं गुण दोष सम्भवं च।।

According to this shlok, 

Our Anicient sage develop a technique to know about all fruits related to Our karma. This technique is known as Ashtakvarga. Without proper knowledge of Ashtakvarga a learned astrologer may also felling difficulties regarding getting effect(prediction) of horoscope in respect of Good and Bad.

Note :- Actually our vedic system horoscope is chart which carry our past life deeds in form of planet placement in chart.

From Brihat Parasar Hora Sastra 

Materay ask to sage Parasara

Hey Bhagwan, in previous part we know about many effect about planet regarding house and dasha etc. 

But due to different in motion of planet(gochar of planet) we seen many different different or mixed results. My mean we human not definitely said what of the effect of planet, means all previous learned effect will seen or some of them is seen.  

In Kaliyug due to increase of Paap karma, Human has not sharp intelligence. So please tell me a method due to which a low intelligent man may able to predict horoscope accurately.

After hearing above statement of Matraiy Parasar said

You are asking very good question. I give blessing to you regarding your speech. For goodness of human, I give a method according to Sastra for short out confusion. Please listen carefully.

Lagan and 12th house give their fruits according to their name(such as tanu bhav, dhan Bhav etc.).

When a house is occupy or aspects by auspicious planet then it’s give auspicious results.

House getting strength if aspects or occupy own lord or excellent lord.

House getting strength if occupy or aspects by friend planet.

House may lose his significant if occupy or aspects by combust, debilitating, enemy or Papi(Saturn, Mars, Rahu and ketu) planet.

All this are general rule according to speech of Hora scholar.

All above statement are according to our Ancient guru. The main purpose of astrology is to know life span and happiness and sorrows in the life path of human.

But neither Vashishhtha nor Brishpati able to predict perfectly. Then how human in Kaliyuga able to predict.

As we used Lagan sign chart, Moon sign chart, Sun sign chart in our prediction. In such a way we may predict from other planet sign chart. Means we have to predict from all 7planet Sun to Saturn sign chart and lagan chart.(Means sage suggested that to making 8th different chart by taking  planet position as lagan so we have 7planet chart and lagan chart.Now we have to predict it separately one by one.)

To know combined good or bad effect of each planet in all 8 chart we used a technique which is known as Astakvarga.

In Ashhtakvarga we donate auspicious results as Rekha and inauspicious results as Karan or Bindu. We collect all rekha and bindu and know results of horoscope perfectly.


In Phaldipika, author tell us, to know effect of different planet in transit our  great sage tell us regarding Astakvarga.

Conclusion From All above 

1) Ashhtakvarga is special division of Astrology through which we may get perfect results without so much calculations.

2) Ashhtakvarga gives combined effect of 8th chart (7th planet chart and lagan chart)

3)It is very useful to know effect of transit of planet.

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