Drekkna Chart Casting And Some Simple Tips

As we know that Rashi has 30°.

3rd division of a rashi or Sign is called Drekkna. So arc of Drekkna is 10°.

As one zodiac sign has 12 sign.

One sign has 3 drekkna. So one circle or Zodiac has 36 drekkna.

Now Method of Casting D3 Chart 

1st drekkna of any sign is called Narada (नारद).

2nd drekkna of any sign is called Augsta(अगस्त).

3rd drekkna of any sign is called Durvasa(दुर्वासा).

Method of allotment of Sign in drekkna chart.

1)Narada drekkna or 1st Drekkna of any Sign is same as sign.

2) Augsta drekkna or 2nd drekkna of sign is 5th from Sign.

3)Durvasa drekkna or 3rd drekkna of any sign is 9th from Sign.

For Example 

In above chart

1)Lagan is Leo sign and it is falling in 2nd drekkna(means 10° to 20°) so it in D3 chart lagan is 5th from Leo sign means Sagittarius Sign.

2)Sun in Cancer sign in 1st drekkna ( 0°to 10°) so it is in Cancer sign in D3chart.

3)Moon in Aries sign in 1st drekkna so Moon in Aries sign in D3 Chart.

4) Mars in Libra 3rd drekkna(20°to 30°) so Mars is 9th from Libra Sign means in Gemini Sign in D3 Chart.

5) Mercury in Cancer sign 3rd drekkna so Mercury is 9th from Cancer sign i.e. Pisces Sign in D3 Chart.

6) Jupiter in 2nd drekkna in Sagittarius Sign so Jupiter is 5th from Sagittarius means in Aries sign in D3 chart.

7) Venus in 2nd drekkna of Cancer sign so it’s falls in Scorpion sign in D3 chart.

8) Saturn is 2nd drekkna of Libra Sign so it’s falls in Aquarius Sign in D3 chart.

9)Rahu is 2nd drekkna of Taurus Sign so it’s falls in Virgo sign in D3 chart.

10) Ketu is in 2nd drekkna of Scorpion sign so it’s falls in Pieces Sign in D3 chart.

Uses of drekkna.

1)It is members of Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dasvarga and Shodhasvarga.

2)Many astrologer use it in prediction with D1 and D9 in simultaneously.

3)D3 is considered for Siblings or brother and sister, strength, power and position.

Some  Tips regarding D3 chart.

1)If D3 lagan sign is same as D1 lagan sign then it is consider good.

2)If D3 lagan chart centre house or Kendra house is occupied by excellent, Mooltrikona, or own house planet it is considered auspicious.

3)If in above condition more than one planet then he may gets good administration post or position or power just like king.

4)If D3 lord in Kendra or trine and aspects by natural beneficial specially Venus then he will enjoy happy life and he has good name and fame.

5)If D3 lord in Panafara (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th) and in its own house, Mooltrikona house or excellent sign then he may gets good posts.

6)If D3 lord in Apkolim house (3rd, 6th,9th, 12th ) and it’s own house, Mooltrikona house or excellent sign then his siblings, relatives,family may be religious and having good conduct.

7)D3 lord in which Bhav or sign same may be number of his siblings. If benifical aspects then survive or malefic aspects may destroy.

Prediction using above tips 

In our D3 chart 

1)D1 and D3 has 5th – 9th relationship which is good.

2) Kendra has no excellent planet. But full with malefic planet. Means not so much happiness from siblings. 4th house has debilitating Mercury so it’s also disturb happiness from siblings or siblings may lives far away place from him(ketu also here). Actually all of his siblings may settled far away place from his mother land.

3)D3 lord in 5th house with Moon and also aspects by 3rh lord Saturn. So native may be famous or good name and fame. As it’s making relationship with 3rd, 2nd, 8th and 5th house so he may be famous for his knowledge  regarding hidden subject. Actually Native is astrologer and having good name and fame for his writing.

4)D3 lord in 5th house actually native has 3siblings. 2 female and 1male.

22nd drekkna – Evil Area of Horoscope

22 drekkna means 210 to 220 degree from lagan. It is considered evil portion of your horoscop. Actually in general way its fall in your 8th house.

Any planet placed in 22nd drekkana may cause health problems.

Any functional malefic transit to this portions may cause health problems.

Lord of drekkna of that portion may cause health problems.

Even lagan lord transit over this portions may cause health problems.

In Very advance concept you may consider from any other planet Natal position and their 22nd drekkana. And then matters of consider may be changed according to that planet significant. 


In our chart lagan is 14°30’34” Leo sign. So 22nd drekkana will be 

14°30’34” Leo + 210 °

14°30’34” + 120° + 210°

14°30’34” + 330° 

330° indicating Aquarius Sign is end and Pisces Sign is starting. So 

14° 30’34” Pisces Sign.

Means 2nd drekkana of Pisces Sign.

And 2nd drekkana falls in Cancer sign 5th from Pisces Sign.

So 22nd drekkana for lagan is starting from 14°30’34” Pisces Sign and end at 24°30’34” Pisces Sign.

Lord of 22nd drekkana is Moon.

And our example no planet is their.

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