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How To Predict From Birth Panchang

Before knowing the How to predict from Birth Panchang first we understand the meaning of Panchang.

Panchang — Panchang word is combination of Panch means Give and ang means limb. This means Panchang is form with Five limbs.

Five limbs of Panchang 

The Five limbs of Panchang are


2) Thithi

3) Nakhshatra



Now we know about all limbs of Panchang one by one.
Var —

Var is Seven.

1)Ravivar Or Sunday

2)Somvar or Monday

3) Mangalvar or Tuesday

4)Budhvar or Wednesday

5)Guruvar or Thursday

6)Shukravar or Friday

7) Shanivar or Saturday

In Our Vedic system Var or day is changed after Sunrise. For example Today 6sep 2016 is Tuesday or Mangalvar. So as in Standard calendar day is changed after midnight and 12am and new day will be Wednesday.

But in Vedic system day change after Sunrise. So suppose Sunrise in today is 6am and Tomorrow 7sep sun rise at 6am. So Vedic var of day will be from 6am today  to next day 6am. Means Mangalvar from 6am upto 6am next day 7sep. Hope you understand the var concept and don’t confuse with standard day system.

Now in our Vedic system each var is ruled by different planet. So according to their rulership in our classical book of astrology gives hints about their best effects on Native.

Ravivar(Sunday) — This day is ruled by Sun. So people born in this day is consider blessed by Lord Sun.

People born in Sunday is honorable by others. He has brown hair, eyes and body colour. He will be proudy or having ego or Proudness.

Somvar (Monday) — This day is ruled by Moon. So they are blessed by Moon quality.

So He will be sensual or having rajsic gun or having desires (actually word used is Kaami ). He will be charming. He will be kind from heart.

Tuesday (Mangal Var) —- This day is ruled by Mars. So native is blessed by Mars quality.

So He is cruel. He will be interested in hard or argumentive words or speech. He will be interested in brave full acts.

Wednesday (Budhvar) —- This day is ruled by Mercury. So native is blessed by qualities of Mercury.

So Native is honoured God and Brahman. He is very Good in communication. He will be polite in behavior.

Thursday (Guruvar) — This day is ruled by Jupiter. So Native is blessed by Jupiter quality.

So Native is doing sacrifices or Yagya(यज्ञ). He is popular among kings or blessed by kings or loved by king. He is virtuous or having best qualities. He is famous.

Friday (Shukravar) – This day is ruled by Venus .So Native is blessed by Venus quality.

So Native will be endowed with corn,land and wealth( Dhan dhanya Sai paripurn). He is dear to all. He has very sensual.

Saturday (Shanivar) — This day is ruled by Saturn . So Native is blessed by Saturn quality.

So popNative is not so much intelligent or lazy. He will be lives on other foods and money. He will be always inclined towards argument. He will be jelious. He will be facing obstacles from his relatives. He will be skillful.


Our Vedic calendar is based on Lunar month and Lunar Thithi. One day of Lunar month is called one Thithi.

One Thithi is time at which Moon moves 12degree away from Sun.

Means Tithi or lunar day is a period in which the difference between the longitudes of Moon and Sun changes by exactly 12°.

When Sun and Moon is at same longitude or in simple same degree that day is called Amavasya.

Now when Moon travel 12° away from Sun then a new Thithi started. It is Pratipada or 1st Tithi. When Moon’s longitude is exactly 24° greater than Sun’s longitude, then second tithi finishes and the third tithi starts. When Moon’s longitude is exactly 36° greater than Sun’s longitude, the third tithi finishes and the fourth tithi starts. And so on……

You can see that Sun-Moon longitude differential will be (12 x n)° after exactly n  tithis. Where n denote number of Thithi.

A lunar month consists of 30 tithis. Each month is divided into two fortnights  or pakshas

During Sukla/Suddha paksha or the brighter fortnight, Moon is waxing.

When Moon and Sun is at Same degree it is Amavasya. Now Moon is fastest moving planet so it is goes forward and moved  away from Sun then Shukla pakhsha is Started. And so during the period when Moon moves 0 to 12° is 1st Thithi or Shukla Pratipada.

During this paksha, Moon is ahead of Sun by an amount that is between 0º and 180º.

At exactly 180° difference between Sun and Moon it is Purnima.

After Purnima new month of Krishna paksha started.

During Krishna/Bahula paksha or the darker fortnight, Moon is waning. During this paksha, Moon is ahead of Sun by an amount that is between 180º and 360º.

Note the point

When Moon is forward 0 to 7th Bhav from Sun it is in Shukla pakhsha.

When Moon is forward 7 to 12th , 12th to 0 Bhav it is Krishna paksha.

Here we consider Sun degree as mid point.

Look at this chart.



Method of calculations of Thithi

We can find the tithi running on a day from the longitudes of Sun and Moon using the following procedure.

(1) Find the difference:

(Moon’s longitude – Sun’s longitude).

Note —
(Add 360° if the result is negative.)

The result will be between 0° and 360° and will show how advanced  Moon is with respect to Sun.

(2) Divide this result by 12°.

Ignore the remainder and take the quotient.

(3) Add 1 to the quotient.

You get a number from 1 to 30. That will give the index of  the tithi running according to chart.

(4) Refer to Table  and find the name of the tithi. There are 15 tithis and the same tithis repeat in the brigher and darker fortnights.

For example,if we get 22 from above calculation then  it can be seen fromthe table that the 22th tithi out of the 30 tithis is in Krishna paksha and it is Saptami.

So the 22nd tithi is “Krishna Saptami”.

We write the classification of fortnight  (Shukla or Krishna) first and then write tithi name. “Shukla Saptami or Krishna Saptami”

Where Shukla stands for “Saptami” in the brighter fortnight (shukla paksha),

i.e. the 7th tithi. “Krishna Saptami” stands for “Saptami” in the darker fortnight (krishna paksha),

i.e. the 22nd tithi.

Let us say that Moon is at 24°12′ in Gemini. So it’s mean

This is (2 x 30°) + 24° 12′ = 84° 12′ Moon

from the beginning of the zodiac.

Let us say that Sun is at 17°46′ in Scorpio.

This is (7 x 30°) + 17° 46′ = 227° 46′

from the beginning of the zodiac.

Moon – Sun = 84° 12′ – 227° 46′ =  –(143° 34′).

It is negative because Sun is at a higher longitude.

We have to add 360° to it to make it positive.

It becomes 216° 26′.

So this is the advancement of Moon with respect to Sun.

Converting this to a decimal number, we get 216.43°. We have to divide it by 12°.

We find 216.43 ÷ 12 and the quotient is 18.

So 18 tithis are over.

Adding 1 to it, we get 19 and

so the 19th tithi is running. Referring to Table , we see that this is

“Chaturthi” tithi of Krishna paksha (darker fortnight). So it is “Krishna Chaturthi”.

Now we have to know Moon is transit in all 12 sign in 28days.

Sun is transit 1 degree in 1 days.

So At 30 days  Sun is transit 1 sign

So at one Amavasya  to another Amavasya Moon has traveling 12sign + 1sign which is forward by Sun.

Suppose Sun in Aries sign and this time Amavasya so

After around 1month Sun in Taurus so

This time Amavasya in Taurus sign at when Sun and Moon degree is same .

So Amavasya in Taurus sign.

That’s my mean Moon travel 12sign +1 Sign where Sun is actually placed current time.

Now we understand the concept of thithi so we know the effect of thithi.

Pratipada (1st Thithi )

Person born in Pratipada tithi he will be doing great deeds or verd hard work. He has good or nobel character or Punya charitra.

Dwitiyia (2nd Thithi) 

He will has aura(tej) on face. He has wealth of cattels (in modern day vehicle), power, strength, fame, wealth or money.

Tritiya(3rd Thithi) 

He will be religious or Punyatma. He will be suffering from fears or don’t having good physical or mental strength.  But he is smart in talking.

Chaturthi (4th tithi) 

He will be faithful of masses or public. He is wandering by nature or loves traveling. He will be experts in mantra.

Pancham (5th tithi)

He is very inclination towards learning of scared knowledge, ved, vedanga, sastra etc. He is sensual. He is rest less or movable by nature. His physical body constitution is thin.

Shasti (6th thiti) 

He has very little strength. But he is just king. He is very learned. But angry in temper.

Saptami (7th Thithi) 

His way of talking is very hard or harsh. He is Lord or leader of people. He may be suffering from kapha related issues. He is power ful man.

Ashhtami (8th tithi)

He is very sensual. He is very attached or loves his wife and children. He may be suffering from kapha related problems.

Navami (9th tithi)

He will be famous. He has very charming body or Tejasvi or looking attractive.

He has bad wife and bad children. He is sensual.

Dashmi (10th Thithi) 

He is very Punyatma.  His wife and children is expert in talking. He is honorable and wealthy.

Ekadashi (11th Thithi)

He is worshiping God and Brahman. He has many servants. He has many types of wealth.

Dwadashi (12th Thithi)

He is very interesting towards doing religious deeds. He is liberal. He is wealthy and scholar.

Tryodashi (13th Thithi)

He is very greedy and very sensual. He is wealthy.

Chaturdashi (14th Thithi)

He is very firecy temper, he desires other wives and wealth.


He is man who worship anicient and God


He brings fame for his kul or vansh. He is very cheerful and happy minded.

Apart from Thithi, Pakhsha has also impact on native. So we know the effect of Pakhsha.

Effect of Paksha

Krishna Paksha or dark half of month

When a person born in Krishna Paksha he will be making argument regarding own work. He is devoty to his own mother. He is inimical to own relatives.

Shukla Pakhsha or Bright half of month

When a person born in Shukla pakhsha native will be endowed with enough sons, grandsons and wealth. He is inclination towards religious activities or rightness acts. He is kind and liberal.

Effect Of Lunar Month or Mass

As we know that when Sun and Moon are exactly 180° away from each other then that day is called Purnima. And after that a new month or Mass is starting.

Now we think Sun and Moon conjunction at same degree then this day is Amavasya.

A lunar month means time taken by Moon between 2conjuction.

Means One Amavasya to another Amavasya.

Look at this chart.



When Sun and Moon conjunction is happens in Pisces Sign and Full Moon means Sun and Moon away exactly 180° then Moon in Chitra Nakhshatra then that month will be chaitra month.

For example today is Amavasya. And Sun and Moon conjunction happen in Leo sign. Again at the day of Purnima Moon is in Purvabhadra pad so this month is Bhadrapad.

I think you understand the concept of Maas.

Adimas concept

As you know in our Maas system we found that some years there are two same Maas.

So we know this concept.

A solar year has about 365.2425 days.

Means Time taken by Sun to transit all 12sign and come again to Aries.

For make up this .2425 days we have a keep year in each fourth year.

A lunar year only has about 355 days. So to make up this gap once in every 3 year a extra Lunar month comes.

To decide when this extra Lunar month comes we has formula in our vedic system.

When ever Sun-Moon conjunction coming twice in the same rasi.  Means 2 Amavasya in Same Sign then that month two Lunar month is coming.

For example,

Sun-Moon conjunction took place at 0°23′ in Taurus on May 15, 1999 at 5:35:32 pm (IST) and again at 28°29′ in Taurus on June 14, 1999 at 12:33:27 am (IST).

Sun-Moon conjunction in Taurus sign so according to table it is Jyesta Maas.

So there are 2 conjunction so 2 Jyesta Maas.

One is called “Nija” or Shudha Jeshtha maasa and  the  other is called “Adhika” Jyeshtha maasa.
Nija means real and adhika means
extra. An adhika maasa (extra month) comes once in every 3 years and that
synchronizes the lunar years with solar years. This calendar has been in use in India for millennia.

First part 15 day and last 15 day of this 2 month is called shudh month.

Middle part of month is extra month or adhimass.

Effect of different Mass or vedic month

Chaitra Maas ——

If the  native born in Chaitra Maas native will be knows all all sorts of arts such as singing, dancing, writing, poetry etc. He will be also studied ved, vendnga, science etc. He has frequently enjoying party or happiness in lives. He will be interested in women.

Note : According to chart this Month Sun in Pisces Sign.


If Native is born in Baishaka mass then he may be experts in all shastra means all types of knowledge. He will be independent.  He will be king or Lord of big land.

Note : This Month Sun in Arise Sign.

Jyeshtha Month

When Native is born in Jyeshtha Month then he may has long lived children. He will be endowed with long lasting wealth.

He will be experts in Mantra, rituals and poetry.

Note this month Sun in Taurus sign.

Ashada Mass

When native is born in Ashada Mass then native is very wealthy. He is very kind and liberal. He is enjoying happiness of night. He will be criticizer of other or jeliousy for others.

Tips Sun in Gemini Sign those months.

Sravan Mass

The native born in Sravan Mass will be interested in workship  of God, Brahman, earth.

Tips Those day generally Sun in Cancer sign.

Bhadrapad Mass

The native born in Bhadrapad Mass is visiting many countries. He will be interested in tantra, or knowledge of theory of machinery. He will be honored by King or country.

Tips Those day Sun in Leo sign.

Ashwani mass

The people born in Ashwani Maas he will be hates own relatives and people. He will be poor and wicked man.

Tips Those day Sun in Virgo.

Karthik mass

The people born in Kartika mass he will be very strong physical body. He will be interested in doing agriculture works. He will have broad eyes. He has very much wealth.

Tips Those day Sun in Libra Sign.

Marigshira Maas

The people born in Marigshira mass he will be devoty of God, Brahman , elders and his parents. He will be religious.

Tips Those day Sun in Scorpion Sign.

Poosh mass

The people born in Poosh mass he will be endowed with wealth, strength or power and good qualities. His nose is elevated.

Tips Those day Sun in Sagittarius Sign.

Magha Mass

The people born in Magha  he will be wicked from Mind. But he will be involved in religious activities or rightness activities.

Tips Those day Sun in Capricorn Sign.

Phalguni Mass

The people born in Phalguni Mass he will be doing daily helping deeds. He will be fond of Music.

Tips Those day Sun in Aquarius Sign.

Effect Of Vedic Rithu

In our Vedic system Rithu are Six which has unique impact on native so we know the Rithu fal.

Basant Rithu
Chaitra and Baishaka mass. Sun may be Pisces and Aries sign.
Person born in basant Rithu he will be long lived, wealthy and loves perfume.

Grishma Rithu
Jyesta and Ashada month. Sun may be in Taurus and Gemini.
Person born in Grishma Rithu he will be clever in expense of water and wealth. He is interested in materialistic happiness. He has lean body limb. He has good budhi or intelligence.

Barsha Rithu
Sharavna and Bhadrapad mass. Sun may be in Cancer and Leo sign.
He loves milk, salt, bitter taste. He is sweet in communication. His budhi or mentality will be very clear.

Sarad Rithu
Ashawin and Kartika mass. Sun may be in Virgo and Libra Sign.
He is Punyatma. He will be handsome. He is happy and sensual by nature.

Hemant Rithu
Margshira and Poosha mass. Sun in Scorpion and Sagittarius Sign.
He is Yogi, He has Lean body limb. He will be farmer. He is interested in materialistic happiness. He is capable.

Shishir Rithu
Magha and Phalguni. Sun in Capricorn and Aquarius Sign.

He is interested in bathing. He is charitable. He  loves rightness.  He is honoured and famous.

Effect of Ayana

As we know that there is 2type of Ayana

1)Uttarayna — The period when Sun transit from Capricorn sign to Gemini Sign then this period is called Uttarayna.

Means when in any horoscope Sun is in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini native is born under Uttarayna.

Effect of Uttarayna

The Person Born in Uttarayna, he will be interested in gaining knowledge, vidhya, yog etc. He will be lives life with Morality.


When Sun transit from Cancer sign to Sagittarius Sign then this period is called Dakshinayana. Means when in horoscope Sun in Cancer, Leo, virgo, Libra, Scorpion and Sagittarius he will be born in Dakshinayana.

Effect of Dakshinayana

Native will be expert in communication, he knows Bhed niti very well, he has good intelligence and aggressive by nature.

Effect of Kaal in Birth Panchang  

(It may be from 4am to 8am.)
He has many types of happiness.

Tips — Sun may be in 2nd house, 1st house, 12th house.

(It may be from 8am to 12pm)
He will be interested in own rightness jobs. He is doing good deeds and will be happy.

Tips — Sun may be in 12th house, 11th house.

Madhyana : —
(It may be from 12pm to 4pm)
He has good quality just like king. He will be wealthy from others wealth.

Tips– Sun may be in 10th house and 9th house.

Sayamkaal :–
(It may be from 4pm to 8pm)
He will be fond of perfume and women. He is wicked man and having wandering habits.

Tips — Sun may be in 8th house and 7th house.

Ratri kaal :-
(It may be from 8pm to 4am)
It is same as  Sayamkaal . Means He will be fond of perfume and women. He is wicked man and having wandering habits.

Tips — Sun may be in 6th house, 5th house, 4th house, 3rd house.

3) Nakhshatra 

At the birth of time of Native Moon in which particular Nakhshatra, this Nakhshatra is called Birth Nakhshatra of native. Suppose at birth time of Native Moon is transit on Rohni Nakhshatra so birth nakhshatra of Native will be Rohni Nakhshatra and birth sign or rashi of native will be Taurus Sign.

You may know the effect of Nakhshatra and sign from my article.

Nakhshatra —


Sign —




Each tithi is divided into 2 karanas.

Means the time taken by Moon to travel 6°.

There are 11 karanas

(1) Bava

(2) Balava

(3) Kaulava

(4) Taitula

(5) Garija

(6) Vanija

(7) Vishti

(8) Sakuna

(9) Chatushpada

(10) Naga

(11) Kimstughna.

The first 7 karanas repeat 8 times starting from the 2 nd half of the first lunar day of a month.

The last 4 karanas come just once in a month, starting from the 2nd half of the 29th lunar day and ending at the 1st half of the first lunar day.


Suppose we took 2sep 2016 date and Panchang from Kashi Vishwanath Panchang.

2nd Shukla Thithi is rising at 2:21pm and end tomorrow at 3:23 p.m.

So lenth of Thithi is  25 hours 2miniute.

So Karan lenth is 12hours 3ominute + 1 minute. Means 12hours 31minute.


1st Karan from  start from 2:21Pm

End at

2:21pm + 12:31

14:21 + 12:31 = 26:52

Convert in standard time so deduct 24

2:52 am next day

Means end midnight Saturday at 2:52 am.

So 2nd Karan Start from 2:52 am to 3:23 pm Saturday.

Now look the chart

Today is Shukla 2nd Tithi so

1st Karan is Balava

2nd Karan is kaulava

Effect of Birth Karan 

(1) Bava — He will be acts just like children and will be Paratapi(Valiant).

(2) Balava — He will Shows polite nature and honour by King.

(3) Kaulava —-  He will be endowed with elephant, horse, Cow etc. He will be doing handsome or charming acts.

(4) Taitula —– He will be speaking softly and communicating impressively.He is religious and Punyatma.

(5) Garija —  He will be without enemy or getting victory over enemy and Paratapi.

(6) Vanija —-  He will be skillful orator.  And intregue with mistresses indulging a guilty passion for him.

(7) Vishti —- He will be hostile to every body and doing sinful acts.

He is independent by nature. He may be honored by his own man or relatives.

(8) Sakuna —– He will know future or time. He will has steady happiness. He will be knows everything but doing Anishhta (अनिष्ट) acts

(9) Chatushpada —- He is very polite, knowledgeable, famous and wealthy.

(10) Naga. — He is Tejasvi, very rich, honorable, full with strength and talkative.

(11) Kimstughna — He will be doing acts for others.  He has fickle minded. He is found of mirth.

5) Yog in Panchang

Yog is 27 according to Given table.


Method of calculations of yoga

1) Add the longitudes of Sun and Moon.

2) Now if greater then 360  then remove 360º from the sum

3) Divide the sum by the length of one nakshatra (13°20′ or 800′).

4)Ignore fractions and  take the integer part.

5)Add 1 to it and the result is the index of the yoga running.

6) Now Refer to and find the yoga corresponding to the index.

For Example

Date 21/7/1984

Time 8:10 am

Sun —  4°53’32”  @ Cancer

Moon — 4°15’02” @ Aries

Now we find Yoga at that time.

Sun = 90 + 4°53’32”  = 94° 53′ 32″

Moon = 4° 15′ 02″

So Sum = 98° 68′ 34″ = 99° 08′ 34″

For easy in dividing we convert degrees in Minute

Sum = 99 × 60 + 8 + 34″

= 5940 + 8 + 34″

= 5948′ + 34″

For easy dividing we convert Nakhshatra in minute.

1 Nakhshatra = 13°20′

= 13× 60 + 20 ‘

=  780 + 20 = 800


Divide 5984 by 800

5984÷800 = 7.48

Take 7

Add 1 = 8

Look table

Yog is Dhriti .

Native birth time Yoga Is Dhriti Yoga.

Effect of Different yoga in birthchart

1)Vishkambha — He will be getting victory over his enemy. He is wealthy and endowed with wealth of cattels. He gets honour.
2) Preeti —- He will be interested in others women or under control of others women.
3) Aayushmaan — He will be long lived and healthy.
4) Saubhaagya —- He has good fortune and happiness.
5) Sobhana — He will be enjoying materialistic happiness.
6) Atiganda — He will be interested in killing.
7) Sukarman — He will be wealthy and doing righteousness acts or religious actss.
8) Dhriti — He will be interested in others women and wealthy.
9) Shoola — He is very angry and doing quarrel.
10)Ganda — He will doing weaked or mean acts.
11) Vriddhi —- He is expert in speaking or communication.
12) Dhruva — He is very wealthy.
13) Vyaaghaata — He is cruel.
14) Harshana — He is wise and knowledgeable. He is famous upto far away place.
15) Vajra — He is wealthy and sensual.
16) Siddhi — He will be just like Lord for many people. Many people dependent on him.
17) Vyatipaata — He will be fraudulent by nature.
18) Variyan — He will has wicked acts and having wicked desires including sensual matters.
19) Parigha —- He is inimical but wealthy.
20) Shiva —- He is knowledgeable of all sastra. He is wealthy and peaceful by nature. He is loved by king.
21) Siddha — He is religious and Inclination towards religious acts.
22) Saadhya — He has good conduct
23) Subha — He is charming by outlook. He is wealthy. He is sensual. He may be suffering from kapha related problem.
24) Sukla — He is religious or rightness person. He has inclination towards religious acts. He is expert in communication. He is angry by temper and tickled by mentality. He is knowledgeable.
25) Brahma — He is honorable. He has secret wealth. He is liberal. He has good jujdmental ability.
26) Indra —- He is doing such type of acts which is belong to universal benific. He has such type of intelligences through which he knows all things. He is intelligent and wealthy.
27) Vaidhriti — He is creating Maya. He is criticizing others. He is powerful. He is liberal. He is wealthy.

Apart from this Panchang there may be effect of hora on the native.

Effect of Hora

For Odd Sign

1st Hora — This is owned or ruled by Sun.

The person will be Cruel, sensual, wealthy  and honorable by King.

2nd Hora — This is Ruled by Moon.

The person will be skillful in speaking, charitable, handsome and kind. But his wife will be intriguing.

For Even Sign

1st Hora — This is Ruled by Moon.

The person will be bold or fearless in speech. He is lazy. He is fond of virtuous wife or he is fond of righteousness acts and own wife.

2nd Hora — This is Ruled by Sun.

The person  will be just like minister. He will be always remember those who helped him. He is fickle minded. He is very timid.
Now we predict a horoscope from Birth Panchang.

Sex —– Male

Date — 21/07/1984

Time :—- 08:15 am 

Location —- 24N26 and 85E31 

Now Birth Panchang 

Var :– Saturday 

Tithi —- Ashram 

Paksha  — Krishna

Mass —- Sarvana Maas

Rithu — Varsha 

Ayana — Dakshinayana 

Nakhshatra — Ashawin 2pad 

Birth Rashi — Aries sign

Karan —- Baalav 

Yoga — Dhriti 

Kaal — Pratushakaal

Hora — Lagan is Leo sign and degree of lagan is 14°30’34”. Leo is odd sign so lagan in rising 1st half so rules by Sun. So Hora is belongs to Sun.
Now we predict from Birth Panchang.

Var is Shanivar so Native is not so much intelligent or lazy. He will be lives on other foods and money. He will be always inclined towards argument. He will be jelious. He will be facing obstacles from his relatives. He will be skillful.

Next is Thithi
So Native is born in Dakshinayana so he will be expert in communication, he knows Bhed niti very well, he has good intelligence and aggressive by nature.

Varsha Rithu so he loves milk, salt, bitter taste. He is sweet in communication. His budhi or mentality will be very clear.

Mass is Sarvana so he will be interested in workship  of God, Brahman, earth.

Paksha is Krishna paksha so he will be making argument regarding own work. He is devoty to his own mother. He is inimical to own relatives.

Tithi is Ashtami so he is very sensual. He is very attached or loves his wife and children. He may be suffering from kapha related problems.

Hora is Sun hora so he will be Cruel, sensual, wealthy  and honorable by King.

Kaal is Pratushakaal so he will be interested in own rightness jobs. He is doing good deeds and will be happy.

Nakshtra is Ashwani so native is pleasing nature. He has childish behaviour. He is dynamic and doing quicker action (Just thought and just take
action according to thoughts without losing time). He is a good researcher(this make expert in many matter). He may be Intelligent. He is fearing from God. He is strong in decision. He has good morality. He may be harsh in speak. He is music lover. He loves Sport. He may be adventurous.

Birth rashi is Aries so native is agrasive, restless, and brave. Some time he may be act like foolish. He is not concentrate towards one work in long time. He may be fickle by nature.

Karan is Baalav so he will Shows polite nature and honour by King.

Yog is Dhriti so he will be interested in others women and wealthy.

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