Basic Elements Of Vedic Astrology

Basic elements of Vedic astrology 

As in paratical earth is rotating around Sun. Other planet is also rotating around Sun. Moon is rotating around Earth.  We lives in earth. Suppose we assume earth is fixed then what happened all others planet and heavenly bodies are moving around earth.
Actually this relative motion is base of our astrology. Due to this relative motion and others planetary forces give impact on both Earth and any body who lives in earth.

Basic elements of Vedic astrology 

1)Nine planet
Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and ketu.
Except Rahu and ketu all other planet is natural planet which has physical existence. Rahu and ketu has no physical existence. Both are called shadow planet.
Actually Both Rahu and ketu is mathematical point in Sky where Moon cuts Earth orbit  in two position. Rahu is North node and ketu is South node.

2)12 Sign or Rashi
Apart from there are 12sign or Rashi.
Aries (Mesh ), Taurus (Vrish), Gemini (Mithun), Cancer (Karka), Leo(Simha), Virgo(Kanya), Libra( Tula), Scorpion (Vrishchik), Sagittarius (Dhanu), Capricorn (Makar), Aquarius (Kumbh), Pisces (Meen ).
All 12 sign makes a Zodiac or Rashi chakra. As we know that Circle has 360°. So All 12Sign has 360°. So 1Sign is 30°each.
Here we have to know
1degree(1°)= 60minute(60′).
1Minute(1′)= 60second (60”).
We used this in future.

Look at this chart  and remember the portion of each sign.

3)Apart from Sign we have 27 Nakhshatra in a Zodiac means rashi chakra.
So arc of 1Nakhshatra is
360÷ 27 = 13°20

(360÷27= 13° and reminder is 9° . Now we convert 9° in minute so it is
9×60= 540′
540÷27 = 20′)

1Nakhatra is divided into 4Pad or Charan.
Now 1 Nakhshatra = 13° 20′
So we divide it in 4part so
13°20 ‘ ÷  4 = 3°20’

13°20′ ÷ 4 = 3° reminder is 1° 20′
Converting 1° in 60 minutes so
1° 20′ = 60′ + 20′ = 80′
Now divide
80′ ÷ 4 = 20′

Look This chart


Apart from Planet, Rashi, Nakhshatra there are 12th house or Bhav in Vedic astrology. Which is the most essential for us.

This is Map of House

1st number belongs to 1st house
2nd number belongs to 2nd house

12th number belongs to 12th house.

Remember this counting.

But don’t remember the number because number is also chargeable. But house is always fix.

Nubmer in house represent the sign
As 1 represent Aries
2nd represent Taurus
3rd Gemini

12th represent Pieces.

1st house is Know as Tanu Bhav, lagan, Ascendant.
2nd house is Know as Dhan Bhav, wealth house
3rd house know as bhartri house or house for siblings
4th house know as matri house, mother house, sukh bhav or house for happiness
5th house know as house for children, Putra Bhav
6th house know as rog Bhav or house for disease
7th house know as Dara Bhav or house for spouse
8th house know as mrityu Bhav or house of death
9th house know as bhagya sthan or house for Fortune
10th house Know as karma Bhav or house for profession
11th house know as labh Bhav or house of profit
12th house know as vyaya bhave or house of expense.

Kaalpurush concept

Zodic or Rashi chakra is assumed as Kaalpurush. A man of Time.
All 12th house is consider as 12th limb of kalpurush.
Starting from Aries and last at Pisces Sign is consider 12th different houses of kalpurush.
Such as Aries is 1st house of kalpurush.
Taurus is 2nd house of kalpurush and So on Pisces is 12th house of kalpurush.
Remember this.
We used this Kaalpurush concept in various occasions.

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